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Rescooped by Josh Leuenberger from Milestone 2

Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning

Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning | Week one | Scoop.it
Five Helpful Hints to Jumpstart Your '11 Marcom Success This is "Annual Plan" season for many companies and so the next few blogs will focus on the brand and marketing communications planning proce...

Via Brittany R Taylor, Benson Leng
Josh Leuenberger's insight:

This article displays 5 steps in which help shape the processes of a marketer. In order for it to achieve objectives it must follow a strategic plan. The article states that many programs are doomed from the start. This is because of the programs objectives. Objectives need to be well stated, as they are the foundation of measuring the success of the marketing communication. As said in the article a well stated objective looks SMART. The objective must be simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timeliness. The objective must be simple in terms that a complicated objective may be misunderstood by other members in the business. This will decrease the chances of the wrong ideas being put to the objective. It must be communicated in how the objective is measured. The objective must also be achievable an unrealistic objective is likely to face failure as the chances of achieving an objective is lower. This ties in with the objective being realistic as an objective needs to be realistic so that it may be achievable. The objective also needs a time limit as an objective cannot take forever, as it will affect the other aspects of SMART. These SMART objectives improve the fundamentals of a marketer’s perspective, by keeping their objectives structured. 

Didia Carvalho's comment, August 22, 2013 11:23 AM
I found this article is very useful and let me understand the importance of planning and setting the objective for the business. In the article it mention we can use the SMART objective to plan for our business. SMART represent simple, measure, achieve, realistic and time. By following those steps in order will help the business success. I agree with Tiffany that for those business do not apply the SMART objective will end up failling their business. Planning simply the beginning of the business if having a good start, a strong base will help the plan success.
Logan Harris's comment, August 22, 2013 6:49 PM
I've found the concept of SMART objectives to be highly useful across many of my papers throughout my degree. It has really been promoted strongly in my PR papers and I am now seeing how important it is from a marketing perspective also. Without clear, strongly defined, realistic goals, it is easy to flounder around trying to achieve.....something? A SMART objective not only helps to define what is you hope to achieve, but provides the framework allowing you to know when you have (or if you don't meet objective, it provides greater insight into why). It is also a strong tool to explain objectives to clients and reduces the chance of over-promising and under-delivering.
Bridget Cashmore's comment, August 22, 2013 7:11 PM
It is extremely important for companies to set goals and objectives as it allows you to assess your progress and gives you something to strive towards. Setting S.M.A.R.T goals is a very effective method as it allows you to set goals which are not out of reach and are attainable. This article outlines that without setting goals and objectives, it is setting up your business for failure.
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The Bing operating system: Microsoft bets on deep search integration to beat ... - The Verge

The Bing operating system: Microsoft bets on deep search integration to beat ... - The Verge | Week one | Scoop.it
The Bing operating system: Microsoft bets on deep search integration to beat ...
The Verge
On the Xbox side, Microsoft shipped an update to its Xbox 360 console that boosted its search ability with Bing integration.

Via Finn Mclaren
Josh Leuenberger's insight:

A common phrase used when people are wanting to search for online information is to “Google it”. Google has become the internationally recognised term for browsing the internet for information. I personally use the term whenever I discuss the idea of looking for information on the internet. To break this strong brand name Microsoft have developed a search engine in which is incorporating the search engine “Bing” to be compatible with all Microsoft platforms. By integrating these products with Bing develops a consumers understanding of the product and the access to information. As the article states Microsofts goal is to make their brand “Bing”. The common phrase for searching the internet for information. By doing this the article states that Microsoft has the funds power over Google allowing for Microsoft to be more aggressive and take greater risks. My personal experience in where I saw “Bing” as yu could say trying to be used over Google. In on the MTV show Ridiculousness where at the end of the show the host Rob Dyrdek uses the term “Bing” to search a combination of words to develop an outcome of what can be searched on the internet instead of using the term “Google”.

Finn Mclaren's curator insight, March 21, 2013 7:42 PM

By reading this article I believe that Qi lu and his Microsoft team have fully undertaken the very important aspect of integrating there Bing web browsing software with all other Microsoft platforms. To me strengthening their partnership between divisions and integrating their products is the only logical way for Bing to compete with its larger rivals such a Google. The future is looking bright for Bing as the have Microsoft behind them and the ability to make more drastic changes as it will have less of an effect on their income, so the opportunity for a new innovation in the web browsing industry by Bing is looking very positive.

Curtis Milner's comment, August 21, 2013 10:52 PM
@Josh Leuenberger’s I agree Google has become the dominate force for SEO systems on the internet. I myself definitely use Google when looking for information and I must say it would be hard for me to change from Google to Bing because I’ve hardly ever used Bing. Microsoft’s idea of integrating Bing into their latest products for example windows 8 and Xbox 360 is a good way to achieve more customer use but they are going to have to do more than that. I like this statement “Google is going to know everything and Bings going to know everything “the question is what are the user’s going to do with this information? It’s almost like they saying it comes down to who is going to have the better SEO in terms of information. But I’m a little on the fence when it comes to Microsoft, Microsoft might have the funds to compete with Google but like the author said they have come late to the party and it is going to be a really, really big challenge to beat Google. I think this will take Microsoft sometime to achieve this goal as Google are always constantly trying to find innovative ways to increase their SEO.
Matthias Röse's comment, August 22, 2013 10:26 AM
I guess everyone agrees on “to google it” has become a synonym for search something in the internet. Google has a huge competitive advantage against Bing by just being in place since the very beginning of Internet search engines. People are so used to use google and I think many people don’t even know any other search engines exist. It will be very hard for Bing and Microsoft to break this market entrance barrier. But I guess with Microsoft on board Bing has the chance to do so. It is not to be underestimated what impact the integration of Bing into the new Microsoft hard- and software has. If Bing should really succeed in this it will have a huge impact on the whole marketing industry because at the moment every website is SEO optimized for the google search engine. The Bing search engine will be slightly different and so it will be a challenge to marketers and software developers position a website on top of both search engines because that is where everyone wants to be and companies spend much money to reach that.
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4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement | Week one | Scoop.it

Brands that don't understand online behavior engage with consumers at the worst times. Here's when customers are ready to shop and how to best connect with them.


Brands live and die by their ability to understand and target consumer behaviors. When digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors, it's a major accomplishment for brands eager to capture their share of the digital marketplace.


The catch is that marketers often base digital spend on assumptions and perceived consumer behavior rather than the actual ways consumers interact with brands online. As a result, investments designed to improve consumer engagement -- email promotions, social media interactions, mobile spend -- frequently miss the mark, compromising the brand's ability to connect with the right consumers at the right times.


The misalignment of brands and consumers is even more relevant during the holiday shopping season. For instance, a recent study showed that half of consumers are influenced by social media when making online purchases, but only 8 percent of Facebook campaigns and 4 percent of Twitter campaigns focus on money-saving promotions. Unless big brands effectively calibrate their marketing strategies to align with actual consumer behaviors, it's unlikely that they will be able to achieve holiday sales targets -- not to mention sales goals for the rest of the year.


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Josh Leuenberger's insight:

The article affectively displays how brands survive in the consumer market, by understanding the ability to communicate affectively with consumers. It shows four steps in which consumer engagement can be improved to understand consumer behaviors to target consumer-buying habits. Modern day society is changing quickly and brands need to adapt to these changes. Marketers need to understand these changes where in the article recent studies have shown that half of consumers are influenced by social media. The overall goal is to affectively align marketing strategies with the understanding of actual consumer behavior and the shift in trends. To understand and improve consumer engagement the article involves four steps to improve consumer engagement for the holiday season. To start early with online marketing campaigns, segment your audience for shoppers that start early and shoppers that start late. Consider the timing of customer buying patterns when it is convenient for customers not the brands. Brands that interact through customers smartphones engage in a large part of 64% of consumers who use their smartphones to compare online prices with in store prices.

I feel that understanding these four steps will help improve a brands adaptability to todays changing society and improve brand customer engagement. A broader explanation of these steps would improve the understanding of the four steps in the article.

Joly Yuan's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:37 AM

This article is mainly about specific consumer engagement, referring to the online retailers. The article states how to improve consumer engagement when digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors. It is suggested that the best ways to improve consumer engagement is to have the right timing with the right consumers. Then the author indicates that there are four useful steps to improving consumer engagement. Firstly, it is better to start early to promote specials, discounts, and exclusive offers to consumers. Secondly, bands need to segment their consumer, and send more frequent and urgent messaging to reminder audiences to shop with us. Thirdly, the marketers should understand when the right time for consumer online shopping. Lastly, marketers should interact with the consumer on mobile more frequently. In my opinion, this article is really helpful for understanding ways in which businesses can improve consumer engagement.

Kimberley Mar's curator insight, March 18, 2014 7:10 AM

This article reinforces the importance of improving consumer engagement for a brand. The survival of a brand is based on understanding and targeting consumer behaviour, which are vital to comprehend in order to maximize your brand's potential. For instance, online brands need to align their digital marketing strategies with consumer online shopping behaviours in order to capture a share of the digital market place. In order to do so, marketers need to understand the 'actual' ways consumers interact rather than make assumptions or perceptions of consumer behaviour. From this article I have extracted 4 concepts that a company could perform in order to improve their ability to engage with consumers via online channels of marketing: 1) Start Early, in relation to emailing promotions and including free shipping options, discounts and exclusive offers which will drive purchase decisions. 2) Segment Audience, by targeting shoppers with frequent and  urgent messages that have deadlines for offers in order to avoid message fatigue. 3) Consider Timing, relates to the release of the promotional material at specific times of the day when consumers are most likely to be online. By understanding these consumer buying patterns, marketers are able to establish a system that will release promotional materials at peek hours. 4) Leverage Mobile, will take advantage of the constant use of the mobile phone by enabling consumers to view messaging and interact with the brand via online platforms accessed via their mobile. High levels of consumer engagement are vital for the survival of a brand and once achieved, allows for comprehensive and consistent marketing strategies to be implicated. In conclusion, by aligning digital channel promotions with the real-world consumers behaviours, in the long term result in increased return of investment and establish strategies that deliver results. 

Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 14, 2014 12:21 AM

Good article and very clear points. It mentioned that social media is now a very important tool to develop consumer engagement. I agree with this opinion, most people now choose online shopping rather than go to the physical stores. This is actually a marketing change from physical to online model. If companies want to improve consumer engagement they should pay more attention to social media area and online sale model. This is the future marketing key element. The author talk about 4 steps to improve consumer engagement,  these steps can truly help marketers to develop the market well via social media tools and therefore gain the consumers

Rescooped by Josh Leuenberger from Communicating with consumers: the importance of emotional responses

How Emotions Influence the Way We Make Decisions | Paulsen Agribranding

How Emotions Influence the Way We Make Decisions | Paulsen Agribranding | Week one | Scoop.it

Via Parambir Singh
Josh Leuenberger's insight:

For a business or marketers, it is extremely important for them to understand the bond between consuming or purchasing and the emotional responses. Emotion plays a large role in the outcome of a purchase decisions. The article presents how emotions play on the decision in what type of chicken they would purchase. That the experiment conducted showed that the influence of appearance played on emotions of the consumer. I think what the article is trying to say is that first impressions have a great affect on how consumers then feel about a brand. Marketers need to try make the connection between consumers emotions and consumer needs and wants. If a company is able to market a product on the same emotional level as their consumer they are able to build a relationship. In terms that a consumer creates an emotional bond with a brand developing brand loyalty. As the brand is seen to the consumer as one that it can trust. An example of a company that I think does this well is Apple, Apple create products that are eye catching stylish and modern. An overall good product this is an example of how a brand has communicated affectively on an emotional level and proof of this is Apples many loyal and devoted customers.

Sheenal Prakash's comment, August 22, 2013 8:05 AM
When making consumer decisions people use their senses of sight, smell, touch, feel and hearing then form a basis for the decision based on their previous experiences with similar or the same product and the emotions attached to these experiences will always play an important role when making the final decision. If the experience is positive then the positive emotions will be passed on to the decision of the product in question and if the experience id negative then those negative emotions will be passed on to the product in question.
Tiffany Tang's comment, August 22, 2013 8:12 AM
This article is very insight and this article let me feel interesting to read with. After reading this article it clearly let me know how important emotional is and the how emotional can directly affecting us.I agree with Alana "It can be difficult to change brands unless something serious happens." Emotional can change any minute, the attitude of the staff, the style of the product..can directly affecting our emotion and affect our shopping behavior. Therefore, business should clearly understand the target market and the purchase behavior of our target. To understand their emotion can also through communication, i think this will be the best useful way to understand consumer emotions.
Matthias Röse's comment, August 22, 2013 10:27 AM
A very interesting study indeed. When thinking about it, I guess everyone has at least once been in the situation where he wanted that one stylish, modern product that should be the best. The sales assistant afterwards told you about another cheaper product that is nearly as good but there was no way that your decision would ever change. Those ad hoc decisions can only be achieved by addressing the consumers’ deep emotions. That’s a very basic but important information to marketers. On the other hand I am sure that if the data provided to consumers or the products performance are not as good as anticipated it can directly go the other way and the consumer might be disappointed because the hopes he had in this product have not become true. That’s why I think emotional advertising is just to be used if the product is a technology leader and top class product. Brands focusing on price leaderships by providing less quality should not use this marketing strategie.
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The Importance of Small Business Branding

The Importance of Small Business Branding | Week one | Scoop.it
Why your small business needs branding and what to be aware of when branding your small business.

Via massimo facchinetti
Josh Leuenberger's insight:

From reading this article I understand how the importance of who the business owner is reflects on the outcome or image of the brand. For a small business the importance of building a strong impression for consumers is important in terms that the brand reflects on what customers want. Because the owner that represents the brand needs to have a passion for what it is they do. In the article it states how the brand should be a part of you, it presents the authenticity of the brand to consumers. It gives the impression what the brand is about and how a consumer can relate to the brand. This creates customer loyalty as the brand is a means of communication. As it becomes a brands ability to communicate with customers as the aspects of the brand are part of the brand owner. Therefore portraying the importance of the relationship between the brand and the brand owner.

Curtis Milner's comment, August 22, 2013 2:23 AM
@Josh Leuenberger’s another interesting read the author identifies a small business brand should be much like a person’s biography WOW! What a great way to sum up how important a brand is. I never would have thought of a brand being something like this to me. I agree the brand should definitely be important for a small business as it creates customer awareness and builds customer loyalty. I also agree that a brand should be like an open book and that it should represent who you are, your intentions ,what your product is all about things like this that you could offer that would resonate with your customers. By doing so your brand will have that authentic value which will help build a magnetic brand amongst your customers. I agree authenticity is important for your brand for example coke for me it represents summer, fun, joy and happiness, it’s those sorts of values that makes this brand authentic to me.
Matthias Röse's comment, August 22, 2013 10:25 AM
I definitely agree with Josh and Curtis on this matter. To put branding of small businesses in those few words is outstanding and very important for the understanding of branding. Maybe the most important thing that every small business owner should take out of this article is authenticity. Authenticity indicates that a business owner really identifies with his business and the idea and is dedicated to it. Often this drives small businesses to outperform their larger competitors.