Week 7: Integration Across All Media
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Rescooped by Etain Chow from The power of ideas; integration across all media

New Media Knowledge - The power of integration

New Media Knowledge - The power of integration | Week 7: Integration Across All Media | Scoop.it
'We developed a great concept for TV which has to work across all media channels' would be the brand manager's cry. In theory, this sounds like a great idea. In practice, however, many studies have shown that new creative ...

Via Sam Shen
Etain Chow's insight:

This article by David Bonthrone the change in tide of communicating messages to consumers and the essential strength of integration. In recent year, building brand value is stemmed from more than just building awareness, but customer rentention and increasing brand loyalty. This change has occurred partly due to the way consumers have grown. Customers use different channels to achieve different things, they no longer use one lone channel for their decision making process. Television may spark their interest, radio may serve as a reminder only and the Internet (websites, forums, customer reviews) may act as a reassurance tool before purchase. 


What companies have to look into now is how create a marketing message or creative ideas, that fit with their objectives, which can be integrated across all media. 

Hendy Han's comment, September 26, 2013 7:13 PM
Another great find Levi. It give me a much clearer idea how integration could give a significant effect on brand value. It give me a better understanding, that integration is a critical point to create a better marketing program. Putting an non-integrated and stand alone marketing program will create a less focused IMC of the brand.
Enele Westerlund's comment, September 26, 2013 7:30 PM
Blake, very true that consumers have the power to find out about any product they require. Creating a planned and consistent integration definitely allows for brand loyalty to grow. The article is definitely a detailed one. With It would be very easy for a consumer to shift in brand loyalty if they do not have a resounding reason to be loyal to the brand. Integration here really does build up from the core and allows consumers to engage across multiple platforms.
Calvin Henton's comment, September 26, 2013 9:11 PM
Interesting article as it gives an understanding of how integration is important to connect with all media channels and obtain an effective brand value to increase retention and consumer loyalty.
Rescooped by Etain Chow from Milestone 2

Effective multichannel marketing campaigns

Effective multichannel marketing campaigns | Week 7: Integration Across All Media | Scoop.it
There are just two days left to get your entries in for our new digital marketing and ecommerce awards, #TheDigitals, so to give some last minute inspiration I've rounded up six examples of effective multichannel marketing campaigns.

Via Jillian Hor Maelynn, Victoria Clark
Etain Chow's insight:

This article focuses on 6 companies who have successfully used integrated marketing channels to their advantage, particularly dabbling in channels available on the Internet. One thing that has changed with consumers in the past 5 years is the amount of information they have access to in real time, what with the burst of social media sites and smart phones. The companies mentioned have identified this and are using everyday social media sites to increase customer engagement, creating interactive conversations, communicating marketing messages and improving customer service. The channels they've chosen are not just single channels, as they have integrated Facebook, Youtube and Twitter alongside with traditional channels, thus creating an interactive 360 approach. 

Jacinda Alexander's comment, September 26, 2013 8:21 PM
I enjoyed reading this article about effective multichannel marketing. This article has discussed 6 companies that have used multichannel and have become successful. I agree with Victoria that by using various different marketing channels it will gain consumers attention and therefore the target market will work effectively.
Josh Leuenberger's comment, September 26, 2013 9:43 PM
@Curtis Milner I still think that integrating with consumers on a personal level is an extremely affective way of building a relationship with customers. Where customer response is involved, customer response can dramatically improve aspects of a product or service. A business may have an idea of how to develop and market a product. But may not specifically have a product or service that is attractive to a consumer. But a customer response can help with the improvement of this issue as the response or feedback can help adjust specific aspects of a product. In the end direct marketing can be the most affective way of gaining customers as it is something that the customer is most likely to want and therefore making it a successful idea.
James Bradley's curator insight, September 30, 2013 7:38 PM

This article showcases applications of how brands have used innovative ideas incorporating digital aspects of communication with physical presence to create a more rewarding experience for consumers. In doing so, these brands have created value for consumers while also increasing the coverage and brand equity through the campaigns mentioned. These campaigns successfully engaged consumers which created a creative way to communicate with each consumer participating but also the social network which consumers engaged with throughout the campaign.