Week 1: Consumer Engagement
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Rescooped by Janis Wu from Week 7; The power of ideas, integration across all media

Bringing It All Together:  Four Examples of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Bringing It All Together:  Four Examples of Integrated Marketing Campaigns | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it

Via Jillian Hor Maelynn
Janis Wu's insight:

This article has mentioned four successful marketing campaigns. As stated in the article, ‘each of the campaigns has the same look and feel online as they do offline. The videos made for microsites were repurposed for TV ads and online pre-rolls keeping the campaign message consistent among all the media outlets used for each campaign execution.’ I strongly agree with ‘keeping the campaign message consistent among all the media outlets used for each campaign execution’, because creating a message is very easy but keeping the message as a top-of-mind message is very difficult. Marketers always try to create new messages to capture attention from current customers and future potential customers, but they always forget about the ‘past history records’ for their previous campaigns. It is helpful to generate attention from creating new campaigns or advertisements messages, but it is also important for each campaign to be consistent. For example, some marketers may like to use ‘story-line’ technique for their marketing campaigns. This strategy needs to be consistent and meanings, and Mainland Cheese was a success by using ‘story-line’ marketing method for its Cheese advertisements. 

Ashleigh Nicol's comment, September 26, 2013 10:15 PM
I like this article, it depicts four large companies and how they have integrated their different marketing functions to create a successful, well known brand. The consistent ideas and message make it easier for the consumer to relate to the brand and recognize the brands.
Klaudia Lewis's comment, September 26, 2013 11:38 PM
This article draws attention to four major brands who have had successful marketing campaigns. After reading this article I discovered three out of four of these brands have one thing in common, they utilize and employ T.V commercials as a means of advertising. Even though these brands are all different they each convey consistent messages that are clear, which is vital in integrated marketing communications.
Reece Gorinski's curator insight, May 7, 2014 4:39 PM

The article gives the good point of how IMC integrated campaigns are doing very well in many ways. Brands have effectively achieved customer appeal with advertisements reaching from TV ads to social media and offline methods such as newspapers and magazine articles. These methods are very effective as they all portray the same message within all of the advertisements. If these were different consumers would get lost and have mixed emotions on the brand.

Rescooped by Janis Wu from Creating an effective communication mix. Measuring results against objectives.

William Oakley's Blog | Marketing Communication MIX of Dove ...

William Oakley's Blog | Marketing Communication MIX of Dove ... | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it
Dove being brand has targeted to promote beauty which is real and authentic, not the beauty that can be deceiving. The most important part of Marketing Mix of the product has been its promotional strategy of the brand.

Via Huiqing Chen
Janis Wu's insight:

In the article, it clearly stated that, ‘when people see commercials, they associated the brands with the models they see in advertisements, and in their imagination, they want to be like the flaw less lean models, even though they know that they can never be like them’. This point of view could be defined as the Dove’s marketing strategy or marketing objectives, yet they had used this strategy as a measuring tool to understand their customers. Dove’s second type of marketing was Internet. They’ve launched their campaign through the Internet. This strategy will enable Dove to have a more formal measurement results from their campaigns. Dove used the correct communication mix to their potential and current customers, and directing the message towards the market as well as measuring them in the same time. 

Chelsea Tidswell's comment, September 25, 2013 4:03 AM
I agree with what you have said here Janis. I know that whenever i see an advertisement onTV , i associate certain people with the brand. It is important that they send the right message to the right people in order to keep a strong message going for their brand. If i was watching an advertisement that didn't appeal to me due to the bad message or image they are trying to advertise, i would instantly be put off and not be interested in that brand at all.
Ruby Zhang's comment, September 25, 2013 10:44 PM
I agree, Dove used real woman in their campaigns, as their target audiences are teenagers and mothers, they understand that real woman could have more appear to their target customers as the customers could relate themselves to the real woman in the campaigns. that can make their customer feel if Dove could make the woman in the campaigns feel beautiful, then it could make them beautiful as well. It is a great communication strategy by really understanding their target customers.
Rescooped by Janis Wu from Creating an effective communication mix

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it
Your marketing mix can put you in contact with a variety of customers if you create it with diversity in mind. You create your marketing mix from a combination of advertising, sales promotion, public ...

Via James Marbeck
Janis Wu's insight:

There are variety types of media channels in the market; it is so difficult for marketers and business operators to select the most suitable and effective media channels for their purposes. By developing an effective marketing communication mix is very helpful and beneficial for the organization. As mentioned in the article, ‘a target customer is the market segment that you think is most likely to buy your products or services’, from marketers’ point of view should consider this in a different way. Customers may receive or understand the message in different ways that the marketer exposes to. Marketers should understand the purposes of marketing communication creativity as it could occur in both situations, such as creative strategy and creative tactics. Creative strategy is determining what the message will say and communicate, and creative tactics is determining how the message strategy will be executed. The purpose of selecting appropriate communication channels is to expose or advertise the message directly to the target customers without any ‘noisy’ or barriers. Cost may also have impacts in developing an effective marketing communication mix as well. For organizations, they should consider themselves in a more realistic way, such as not over spending or under-spending in advertisements. They should consider that advertisements as investment, yet also considering it is a tool to build brand equity in the same time. Advertisements are very difficult to measure, but business should always keep an eye on daily or weekly activities. And asking themself, how effective is it when using and not using communication tools? 

Teagan Adams's comment, September 26, 2013 4:59 PM
James has chosen an interesting article that very clearly explains what the marketing communication mix is made up of and how crucial it is to know your target audience and how to communicate with them, so that you do not waste money on channels that do not reach them.
Manasi Ambavane's comment, September 26, 2013 5:08 PM
Yes vrinda this article give details about how to effective is marketing mix and article talks about the four communication mix target customer, communication channels, cost estimate,measuring which helps to gain the more consumers for the company. The important factors from four communication mix is cost estimate and measuring which will help to know how much companies is spend on marketing the product. The marketers should keep this in mind to improve their marketing strategies and channels of marketing.
Chelsea Tidswell's comment, September 26, 2013 5:48 PM
This is a great article you have chosen Janis. It explains in detail what the marketing mix is made up of and how important it is for a business to know how to communicate with their target audience correctly so ensure money isn't wasted on outlets that do not reach the right people.
Rescooped by Janis Wu from Week 7 - The Power of Ideas, integration across all media

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever

Direct Marketing More Relevant Than Ever | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.

Via Matilda Alisi
Janis Wu's insight:

‘Direct marketing has taken on greater relevance for marketers with the growth of social media and other online interactions. Successful marketers today are reaching more and more customers directly, on a personal lever, than ever before’, has clearly answered the importance of direct marketing in current marketing trends. I agreed that direct marketing is becoming more person and gives benefits for both customers and the business owners. Customers have more ability to select their favorite or interest brands or products to look at instead of receiving something irrelevant to their interest. In other words, customers have more power to the information that interests them. For businesses or marketers, they can direct message to their current or future potential customers in the current market. They have the ability to send the message or information to customers rather than just exposing the message without any attentions captured by their target customers. I think direct marketing also allows to build a customers’ top-of-mind thinking, since they have selected the information to be exposed to, therefore, they may have aware the existence of the product or brand in the market.  

Gregory Farr's curator insight, September 26, 2013 9:12 PM

Direct marketing and consumer engagement

This article brings up improtant points about how direct marketing has increased espically with new media and technology. There is always increased risk with personalised direct marketing through social media where you must make sure you keep to the theme and image of the company to not cause confusion. As long as you can keep to theme it can be a very powerful way to reach a large customer base. With more and more people purchasing smartphones and tablets over PCs Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to market directly. This article covers the strengths of direct marketing through such media very well

Jordan Reti Pereira's comment, September 26, 2013 9:49 PM
@Oscar. I agree with your insight when you say that if a consumer is interested in a product or service, they will pursue more information. This holds true especially when the business can portay messages that are relevant to consmures in order to catch their attention long enough to invoke and idea in their minds whether they want to continue the pursuit of information or move on with the rest of their day.
Ashleigh Nicol's comment, September 26, 2013 10:39 PM
New technology and digital channels has indeed opened up a lot of opportunities for marketing managers, however it is more important to directly market more than ever before. This is because it is growing increasingly difficult to gain the attention of consumers. Selective exposure has become a huge problem for marketers to overcome and direct marketing helps factor out this problem. This is because the direct marketing approach targets the consumer on a personal level and gets them involved in the advert. It provokes their opinion and can create negative or positive feelings, however both gaining the attention of the consumer.
Rescooped by Janis Wu from Lead Generation

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it
If you are contemplating a mix of marketing communications tools then you likely realize that using a variety of communications techniques can be more effective than using a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

Via Erica George, jaklinissaeva, zzz, Somerville Communications UK SMB
Janis Wu's insight:

In this article, it has explained 5 components for developing an effective marketing communications mix. They are identifying target audiences; creating key message points; identify apertures; write down the plan; and identify tactics. While identifying target audiences may give a direction to marketers, which allow them to have a specific and in-depth understand of their target audiences. This process is to give further advantage in knowing the customers’ habits and behaviors; therefore marketers could select or use different marketing techniques for applying to them. Once the marketers have a concept of their target audience in mind, they should create key message points. In this stage is to aim for allowing the customers to receive the information that the marketers deliver out. Thirdly, finding the greatest opportunity to reach target audiences is very important in the development process. Although there may be lots of opportunities for the campaign or message to be deliver to target audiences, yet is every opportunity being the most effective? Capturing the most suitable and appropriate opportunity will get the message deliver in an effective way. Writing down the plan is to keep things done in time. Within the process, marketers should clearly state their use of strategies and tactics, and also adding objectives and goals as indicators. Marketers should state this in a specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and timely manner style. This style could also be used in marketer’s tactics and strategy development as well. By creating integrated marketing communication tactics, it is important to understand what can the message say or communicate with customers, and how can the message be used as a strategy to engage connection between the customer and the organization. 

Elaine Li's comment, September 27, 2013 1:07 AM
Great insight. I think this is a great article in relation to our week 6 coursework because it gives a great develop on how to set up an effective communication mix. In order to implement a good strategy through the marketing promotional mix, there are five steps listed:
1. Identify your target audiences
2. Create your key message points
3. Identify your apertures
4. Write your plan
5. Identify your tactics.
As long as you follow these steps, marketing communication mix will not be a problem to your business anymore.
Swati Tiwary's curator insight, October 2, 2013 9:48 AM
This article outlines the importance of developing an effective marketing communication mix. effective communication with consumers is vital for any business. This part comes under the promotion part of the marketing plan. It is important to have a variety of communication techniques as the target audience for every product is diverse. This articles states 6 ways of developing a good communications mix: 1) its important to have identify the target audience: this can be done by a good extensive research. The target audience needs to be further segmented into categories such as current customers, prospective customers and early adopters 2) Create your key message points: it is important to pin point the key messages that the company wants to impart to the consumers 3) Identify your apertures: it is important to find out the opportunities or openings to reach their audience. For example if a company wants to reach school children then they need to make use of a classroom 4) Its important to write the plan: Writing the plan in a clear and concise manner is important. They key objectives and the plan to fulfill them is important so people have clear guidelines to follow 5) Identify the tactics: tactics are important to meet the overall objective. Its good to use tactics that would appeal to the target audience. Effective communication is vital for integrated marketing communications. communication is not a straight forward or a single dimmentional thing. Its multi faceted just like the market and its consumers. hence it is important to have a mix of different communication strategies to cater to all the different segments of the target audience
Rachel Chen's curator insight, October 3, 2014 12:10 AM

It is a really good base for entrepreneurs and marketers in new startup businesses, as well as organisations who wish to increase brand awareness across a wide audience. It’s first important for any firm to identify its target audience with the use of demographic factors like age, buying habits and any other habits relevant to the organisation. It’s also important to create a key message with the direct information that is going to be communicated to the customers and target audience. This basic process will be the keystone to implementing an effective communications mix and highly recommend using it as planning tool for planning your promotional approach.

Rescooped by Janis Wu from Search Elite - 9th May 2017

Brand Innovators launches in the UK with Consumer Engagement London at Unilever Global Headquarters - Marketing News | UTalkMarketing

Brand Innovators launches in the UK with Consumer Engagement London at Unilever Global Headquarters - Marketing News | UTalkMarketing | Week 1: Consumer Engagement | Scoop.it
Brand Innovators launches in the UK with Consumer Engagement London at Unilever Global Headquarters, Tuesday 2nd July. Visit UTalkMarketing for more Marketing Events

Via Will Corry
Janis Wu's insight:

.This article is stating that Unilever's Global Headquarters in London is adapting Consumer Engagement for Brand Innovators. it contains how Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement London are using digital video advertising, social media and other media contents to have closer connection with their customers. It also included additional information about how will this strategy improve their current issues, for example, brand innovators is designed to connect marketers from brands of all sizes and allow them to share best practices, case studies, and proof points to help them use technology to better engage consumers. I agreed that companies or businesses should have greater consumer engagements. The reason is that the rapid changing media environment that makes the company or business have difficulty in engaging with their potential consumers. Once the company or business has realize this problem, they should adopt new schemes to satisfy the issue. For example, Hermès is a French luxury brand, they send emails to their subscribers in special events like Father's Day, Easter. They have different target audiences, therefore, they rather send emails to customers in once a while, instead of sending emails every week. From this case, Hermès is still satisfying current market trends, it still engages with their consumers but in a way that suits its brand and target customers. Asos is another example, they send out emails very frequently, such as at least once a week. For a successful company ,it is important for them to realize that consumer engagement is not an 'one-way' process, it is a long-term relationship between the company and its consumers. From this process it could benefit both parties and effect marketers communication outcomes, brand related performance outcomes, stakeholders relationship related outcomes, external agencies relationships outcomes. All of these outcomes will result in a business or companies financial results.

Janis Wu's comment, July 31, 2013 1:30 AM
RE:Alex Wang : It's very good to hear that you understand the concept. Because I was a little bite confused in the beginning. After reading this article, it helped me understand a lot as well.
Ruby Zhang's comment, August 22, 2013 12:56 AM
Great insight, sums up the artical. Good to see use some example which not from the article to interperat how companies use e-mail to attract customer engagement. And I agree with you on how you addressed that customer engagement is not one way process. we do need to enteract with our customer more effectively, be innovated on hwo we can communicate with the customers.