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55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today

55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today | Consumer Engagement |
twitter retweet tips Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

Via Patricia Marinho
Kellie Ho's insight:

The tips in this article is a good way to increase consumer engagement becuase twitter is a popular socal media website used commonly by a lot of consumers. Consumers who use twitter don't want to see the same tweets over and over again. This article has great tips on how to increase being more engaged with consumers by increasing the retweeting. 

Jordan Reti Pereira's comment, August 22, 2013 7:29 PM
This article is very useful, especially more-so for individuals like Dallan who do not use Twitter. It shows the huge potential that this marketing channel has to a business (whether it's big or small) and how these techniques are a quick-fire way to take advantage of the platform. Props to Dallan for discovering this article, and hopefully it assists him in future endeavours.
Christine IMC's curator insight, August 23, 2013 12:51 AM

This is a really good article at giving out quick Don'ts & Do's of how to get RTs on Twitter. Not only will it help with RTs but can also help the company/person on twitter gain more followers as well and create more hype through social media, build brand awareness and loaylty.


As technological advances are ever growing in today's society nationally as well as Internationally, this definitely can raise a higher consumer following as well as engagement with consumers and potential consumers in regards to positive and negative feedback, conversation starters, education and much more. It's a great way for universal consumer engagement and for them to also follow how a company is going, what's the latest updates, other specials on offer, links to other media means.

Dallan Milich's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:24 PM

This article worked as more of an understanding for me as I have never tweeted yet alone used twitter before. The writer of the article talks about how engagement is measured through the amount of re-tweets you receive/gain. My understanding allows me to agree with what the writer is saying, because when you thinking about it, the more re-tweets you receive the more people are interacting with your account and not just looking at it. By re-tweeting they acknowledging that they understand your content and show some sort of agreement or share similar values. Most of the tips how ever do seem quite basic and I look at them as more of reinforcing my ideas or a checklist before I would summit something online. The article in my opinion needs a bit more information on the on the topic of engagement and why it could be a positive, otherwise the tips could be seen as quite pointless in terms of what your actually trying to achieve.

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4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement | Consumer Engagement |

Brands that don't understand online behavior engage with consumers at the worst times. Here's when customers are ready to shop and how to best connect with them.


Brands live and die by their ability to understand and target consumer behaviors. When digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors, it's a major accomplishment for brands eager to capture their share of the digital marketplace.


The catch is that marketers often base digital spend on assumptions and perceived consumer behavior rather than the actual ways consumers interact with brands online. As a result, investments designed to improve consumer engagement -- email promotions, social media interactions, mobile spend -- frequently miss the mark, compromising the brand's ability to connect with the right consumers at the right times.


The misalignment of brands and consumers is even more relevant during the holiday shopping season. For instance, a recent study showed that half of consumers are influenced by social media when making online purchases, but only 8 percent of Facebook campaigns and 4 percent of Twitter campaigns focus on money-saving promotions. Unless big brands effectively calibrate their marketing strategies to align with actual consumer behaviors, it's unlikely that they will be able to achieve holiday sales targets -- not to mention sales goals for the rest of the year.


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Kellie Ho's insight:

This article is good at explaining how and why consumer engagement works the way it does and that improving consumer engagement begins with understanding consumer behavior first. It explains the 4 steps on improving consumer engagement by talking about each one which is a good thing for business that are struggling with improving their ability to engage with their consumers online throughout the year. This article also points out what marketers are doing that leads them to missing the mark which is compromising the brand's ability to connect with the right consumers at the right times.

Joly Yuan's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:37 AM

This article is mainly about specific consumer engagement, referring to the online retailers. The article states how to improve consumer engagement when digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors. It is suggested that the best ways to improve consumer engagement is to have the right timing with the right consumers. Then the author indicates that there are four useful steps to improving consumer engagement. Firstly, it is better to start early to promote specials, discounts, and exclusive offers to consumers. Secondly, bands need to segment their consumer, and send more frequent and urgent messaging to reminder audiences to shop with us. Thirdly, the marketers should understand when the right time for consumer online shopping. Lastly, marketers should interact with the consumer on mobile more frequently. In my opinion, this article is really helpful for understanding ways in which businesses can improve consumer engagement.

Kimberley Mar's curator insight, March 18, 2014 7:10 AM

This article reinforces the importance of improving consumer engagement for a brand. The survival of a brand is based on understanding and targeting consumer behaviour, which are vital to comprehend in order to maximize your brand's potential. For instance, online brands need to align their digital marketing strategies with consumer online shopping behaviours in order to capture a share of the digital market place. In order to do so, marketers need to understand the 'actual' ways consumers interact rather than make assumptions or perceptions of consumer behaviour. From this article I have extracted 4 concepts that a company could perform in order to improve their ability to engage with consumers via online channels of marketing: 1) Start Early, in relation to emailing promotions and including free shipping options, discounts and exclusive offers which will drive purchase decisions. 2) Segment Audience, by targeting shoppers with frequent and  urgent messages that have deadlines for offers in order to avoid message fatigue. 3) Consider Timing, relates to the release of the promotional material at specific times of the day when consumers are most likely to be online. By understanding these consumer buying patterns, marketers are able to establish a system that will release promotional materials at peek hours. 4) Leverage Mobile, will take advantage of the constant use of the mobile phone by enabling consumers to view messaging and interact with the brand via online platforms accessed via their mobile. High levels of consumer engagement are vital for the survival of a brand and once achieved, allows for comprehensive and consistent marketing strategies to be implicated. In conclusion, by aligning digital channel promotions with the real-world consumers behaviours, in the long term result in increased return of investment and establish strategies that deliver results. 

Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 14, 2014 12:21 AM

Good article and very clear points. It mentioned that social media is now a very important tool to develop consumer engagement. I agree with this opinion, most people now choose online shopping rather than go to the physical stores. This is actually a marketing change from physical to online model. If companies want to improve consumer engagement they should pay more attention to social media area and online sale model. This is the future marketing key element. The author talk about 4 steps to improve consumer engagement,  these steps can truly help marketers to develop the market well via social media tools and therefore gain the consumers

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Brands breeding loyalty through digital

Brands breeding loyalty through digital | Consumer Engagement |

Smart brands are leveraging digital platforms to not only find customers but to also build relationships. Meet the 20 companies that are doing it best.


Building brand loyalty is one thing. Marketing smartly through digital platforms is another. And strangely, the two don't always walk hand in hand. Some of the brands with the most loyal customers are notoriously traditional when it comes to their marketing efforts. And some of the most digitally savvy brands out there still have to contend with relatively flaky customer bases.


But digital marketing and fostering loyalty aren't mutually exclusive -- far from it. The best digital marketing is designed to do just that. So which brands are best leveraging digital platforms to really drive loyalty? Until recently, it's been hard to know.


Recognizing this knowledge gap, research consultancy Brand Keys debuted its Digital Platform GPS earlier this year. The platform is designed to help brands match marketing strategy and digital communication in their categories and -- most critically -- to build loyalty.


"It's clear that brands are struggling to identify the intersection of consumer engagement with digital and what drives loyalty with their brands," said Amy Shea, EVP for global brand development at Brand Keys. "As pervasive as digital media is, surprisingly there was no single source that identified how various digital platforms engage -- and nothing that connected it to how consumers engage specifically with a brand's category."


To shed light on this issue, iMedia Connection partnered with Brand Keys to leverage its new tool to identify the brands that are best leveraging digital platforms to build customer loyalty. To do so, Brand Keys examined 598 brands and 14 digital platforms.


Here are the top 20 brands on the resulting list.


If you're looking to jumpstart or improve own online engagements with customers, you'd do well to take a page from these brands' playbooks.

Kellie Ho's insight:

This article talks about how building brand loyalty and marketing smartly thorugh digital platforms don't always go together because there are some brands with the most loyal customers who are really traditional when it comes to marketing. There is no actual answer to know which brands are actually good at controlling digital platforms to gain customer loyalty. 


I think Brand Keys, the consultancy company, was on the right track with building loyalty by introducing their Digital Platform GPS earlier in 2012 because brands are having trouble with identifying the intersection of consumer engagement with digital platforms and figuring out what drives loyalty with their brand. 

Lauren-Elsa Grigor's curator insight, March 21, 2013 11:23 PM

This article drives home the point that the big players in the game are doing it right. Keeping up with social media by using their already enourmous market presence, however how much can the little guys really learn from this? I feel like its a snowball effect for Coke and McDs as they have so much power and are involved in numerous marketing activities, they just keep getting bigger and better. These are the leaders in Integrated marketing communications.
For big retail chains they have become market leaders in online shopping, "If you can't beat it, join it" seems to be the best motto to adopt in this situation.
For small players it is so important to have all of your marketing efforts integrated; social media, online store, website and sales promotions.

Shino Takano's comment, August 18, 2013 9:57 PM
This is an interesting article, I agree with Kellie's insight on how brand loyalty and digital marketing may have conflict with each other. Depending on the brand, marketing in a digital platform may not lead to a growth in consumer loyalty as traditional brands may not suit in too well with digital marketing.
Hannah Joy Gaisford's comment, August 20, 2013 6:17 AM
This article was really interesting. I didn't even consider that some brands prefer not to use digital platforms. However I do know that in the menswear store I work in management were really anti using facebook and it took them some time to come around to it. I'm not sure I agree with Kellies insight that there are no answers to know which brands are good at controlling digital platforms to gain customer loyalty as I definitely think there are some brands that have mastered this really well. I agree with kellie however that Brand Keys were right on track with introducing their digital platform gps :)