Wedding rickshaw-innovative and personal wedding transport
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Wedding rickshaw-innovative and personal wedding transport
Weddings are vibrant and colorful occasions and are an elaborate affair. They are lavish ceremonies with everything so grand from the venue to the bride’s dress to the food and wine etc. even among these lavish ideas one requires a personal touch for their big fat wedding. This personal touch could be a wedding rickshaw, which is a perfect proposal for the wedding transport. There is so much to organize in wedding starting from the dresses to guest lists and fixing venues and modes of transport. The traditional modes of transport for a wedding is usually a vintage car, a horse and cart. But if you are looking for something different and innovative for your grand wedding then you must consider about going for a wedding rickshaw. A wonderfully decorated wedding rickshaw according to your wedding theme and your personal preference, a wedding rickshaw is the ideal mode of transport from your home to the wedding venue. Wedding rickshaws are the perfect options for those who wish to do something different on their wedding. Well, if that is what you want then what better thing can there be than to turn up to the venue in pedal powered travel. As an alternative to the traditional limousine ride to the venue, you can choose a first class wedding rickshaw ride. You can choose to take a specific route to the wedding venue and enjoy the ride and relax your mind before the big moment. These rickshaws usually seat two people and the bride and the father of the bride can comfortably be in the rickshaw. You can travel comfortably to the wedding venue or it can drive the couple after the wedding to the reception venue. They can be lavishly decorated to match the theme of your wedding. They can be tailored to your tastes. These rickshaws decorating companies take your personal tastes into account and decorates them so. Wedding rickshaws are a an enchanting unique alternative to the traditional wedding transport. So to make it unique, transform the simple vehicle to a stunning chariot to carry the beautiful couple to and from the venue. They will give you the experience of a relaxing and comfortable ride while you are ready to experience the biggest moment of your life. It is not just the couple, the bride, and the father of the bride who can travel in the wedding rickshaw. The rest of your family and the guests can also travel with them, each one driven by a personal chauffeur. However, the wedding rickshaw, the one that drives the couple or the bride and the father of the bride must be differently decorated to stand out from the rest of the wedding rickshaws. So why not make your wedding more unique and memorable? It is indeed a perfect way to arrive at your wedding and leave your guests in awe and have the beautiful memories cherished for a lifetime.

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