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In this article, written for Content Marketing Institute, Adria Saracino explains why outeach at every phase of the content life-cycle is very important, and demonstrates why you should not limit your outreach just to the publishng phase.


As written, the article focuses on the life-cycle of an infographic, but can and should be adapted to every type of content, just as surely as it must be applied to all aspects of business. 


Quote: "Even a robust outreach strategy can have lackluster results if it is simply tacked on at the end of a campaign."


To paraphrase:


**You need to build profiles of your target audience, including understanding the stories of each profile.


**Early aspects of outreach include reaching out to members of your team or tribe during the brainstorming and research phases.


**Gear your content to specific profiles, or, as I like to say, speak to their listening.


**There are no guarantees that everyone who your content is geared towards will see it. 


**Use analytics and keep track of those you reached out to in earlier phases


Another important aspect I would stress is that whereas you reach out to your community to collaborate on the content you produce, also gear it to the further building of community.


Outreach isn't only the act of reaching out, as described in this article.


**It also refers to your potential audience. 


**Nurture your existing relationships and seek to expand your community with each piece of content you produce.


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