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This piece was written by Carl Friesen for Content Marketing Institute 


Here are five types of content that will change the way people think about and engage with your brand or organization.


To produce compelling content, you need criteria, here are some great suggestions that point you in the right direction:


Here are some of the highlights:

1. The trend type of content positions you as someone who understands your customer's world and cares about helping to provide a good outcome.


 **Think of a changing situation that's affecting your customers. It could be a societal or political change.


**What's relevant to your success is coming up with new solutions to match your clients' situation


2.The Meteor: "We'll be there for you if you have a problem


**Watch for news or sudden changes that affect people in your market


**Be prepared to move fast to create content that describes the event itself, give some background and make recommendations on how to avoid problems and/or achieve benefits


3. The How-To: "We Care About Your Success"


**Choosing a process that you now well and which will be relevant to your market


**Writing out steps involved in achieving the intended outcome


4. The How-To-Work-With "You can trust us to meet your needs"


**List the roadblocks and problems that can get in the way, and provide suggestions on how to deal with them


5. The Case Study: "We can meet your needs - we've achieved success already"


**Listing the sstps that you followed, including how you resolved problems along the way


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