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Are you a web developer trying to create awesomeness using the power of code? If so, obviously, you are not alone. There are numerous talented developers like you, fighting evil monsters that wish to destroy the Internet, and at the same time using their coding skills to create a better browsing experience for the world!

However, let me ask you: what exactly is your specialization? PHP? JavaScript? Obviously CSS and HTML? Did I hear Perl, Ruby or Python?

I guess the point is clear: there are numerous languages out there, each with its own pros and cons, and as a developer, keeping up with the trends in technology can often be confusing. This is where development and design blogs come in: you simply subscribe to a blog, and that’s it! All the latest updates from the world of design and development right at your finger-tips!

However, what if, apart from updates, you need proper tutorials and theoretical info that only an encyclopedia or a wiki can provide? What if there existed a platform (not exactly a blog), which provided you with tutorials, wiki and other detailed how-to type documentation about your preferred specialization? What if you could find trustworthy documentation about PHP and CSS under one roof? Have no fear; WebPlatform is here!

So, what is it all about? Read on as we take a look!