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In The Survival Tabs, we have used protein of a high biological value, which is 100% utilized. This helps protect the body from cannibalism of its own protective tissues. The fat is composed entirely of fatty acids which provide the essential ingredients of fat. The carbohydrates are of a high quality and 100% utilized.
In 90% of all survival situations, some additional food will be available. The Survival Tabs are designed to provide that "Margin of Survival". For example, if one were lost in a jungle area, one might have to find grubs, insects, berries, small animals or whatever to eat. One would have to adapt to the circumstances quickly until he found his way out or was rescued. The Survival Tabs would be that "Margin of Survival", along with whatever one could gather, to sustain oneself as long as necessary. Another example would be desert or sea survival. In these cases, little supplemental food may be available. The Survival Tabs would sustain one as long as he would expect to live normally, before succumbing to the elements or dehydration.