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"Arnau is in the process of interviewing a number of practitioners, scholars, and students of interactive documentary about the state of the field. He will be posting select clips on the OpenDocLab website. First up is Part 1 of an interview with OpenDocLab Principal Investigator William Uricchio.!



"In this series we focus on the theoretical part of the study of interactive documentary. We will conduct video interviews with the main experts in the field based on six key questions:

(1) the definition, how would they define the interactive documentary;

(2) the evolution of the form, whether they believe that the interactive documentary is a natural evolution of the linear documentary;

(3) the change in the logics and dynamics, if they believe there is a change in the logics of production, distribution and exhibition;

(4) the role of the author, if they believe that the role of the author is threatened;

(5) the business model; and (6) their views on the production, research and events organized by countries that are active in this field, placing special emphasis on Canada and France."

Via mirmilla, Vittorio Canavese