Student Blogging: Creating a Rubric ~ Empathic Teacher | Web Tools in Education |

by Jennifer Isgitt


"I’m ready to assess my students’ blogs from the first semester.  Does anyone else feel like the first time you assess any new assignment that you’re just trudging through murky molasses?  I’m so slow at the assessment piece right now.

"I’ve been looking around at student blogging rubrics as I try to decide which components a) I’ve actually taught and b) seem to represent my objectives for blogging as reader response.  I know that I should have had a rubric before we even started all of this, but I just jumped into the project with many unknowns.  

"I’ve learned that about the only way to force myself to do something new is to just start doing that thing before I have completely concrete plans.  My apologies to whichever group of students has to do the project first!...

"I’ve been trying to create a rubric, so I’ve been searching the web to see how other teachers are evaluating their student blogs.  Here are four that I like:"

Via Jim Lerman