Birth of the Cool: 2012 UI, UX Design Trends | Web Experience |

User Experience UX Software Design 2013 Trends. Agree, big 2013 design trends include:

* Visual Marketing & Design Simplicity (lean content, lots of Infographics and other data visualizations).

* Content Marketing heavily influenced by mobile first and mobile's content constraints (speed, small, UI).


Would add bubbles about the size of "mobile first" for:
* Predictive Analytics.

* Real Time "read the cookie, fire the design" triggers.

* Move to branching business logic controlling design elements.


I may be the only champion of the freedom from design boxes movement. I just don't see UX and design functioning in such limited ways for much longer. Design is most impactful when it is relevant and we have enough persona and behavior information to "read the cookie, fire the design" now. 

Why aren't we?

I saw this same problem with the move from A/B to multivariate testing. MVP testing puts such a load on shifting THINKING and creative that adoption was slow. AI-like web design has the same problem. Once you create a branching path algorithm based on personas and behaviors you need LOTS of creative to support the move.  

Oh, this isn't the ONLY time I've been up on a soapbox all by my lonesome.  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith