This year at Full Frontal, offline enabled web site/apps were a recurring theme. Paul Kinlan gave an excellent talk entitled ‘Building Web Apps of the future. Tomorrow, today and yesterday’ (his slides are available here), in which he compared the ‘offline’ user experience provided by the top 50 or so iOS and Android apps with that of popular web sites/apps.


Needless to say, the native apps faired better and more gracefully degraded when no internet connection was available. Offline is a feature and it’s crucial we start to consider it from the start of a project as apposed to adding support later in the development lifecycle. At Rareloop we’ve been focussing on adding offline support to our apps from the start. Most notably the FormAgent mobile clients where designed from the outset to support offline access, to allow for use when no connectivity was possible and to transparently sync up data when internet is available. The following are guidelines I’ve found helpful.

Via Nicolas Weil