How to Make Your Blog Stand Out in a Crowded Niche without Guest Posting | Web Analytics and Web Copy |

I’ve been a long time blogger, and believe me, I both know and appreciate the amazing power of a good guest post for bringing in intelligent and interested readers.


The thing is, since I often blog outside of the blogging/marketing/writing topics, I know (as you might) how hard it is to utilize guest posting for certain topics.


I had this exact problem with my electronic music blog Sophistefunk, which I entered into the Million Dollar Blog Contest ran here on ThinkTraffic.


My guest posting problem was really evident with this niche: music blogs almost never accept guest posts, because their “articles” are really just posts with media (audio & video), so there really is no need to have another author write for you.


Despite this, I wanted to accomplish what every blogger sets out to do: run a successful site based on my interests...

Via Martin Gysler