S.F. startup provides rental cars for Uber, Lyft drivers | Web 2.0 et société | Scoop.it
A San Francisco startup called Breeze is renting brand-new Toyota Priuses to people who want to drive for Uber and Lyft. "There is huge demand from people who don't own cars to be part of the 'ride-sharing' economy," said Jeff Pang, CEO and co-founder of Breeze, formerly called Zephyr. Breeze now has 25 cars, all fully booked by drivers who answered its Craigslist ads or heard about it from friends, Pang said. [...] Breeze rents the vehicles from an unnamed partner in the automotive industry, Pang said. [...] while Uber's insurance now applies as soon as its app is on, Lyft's coverage only starts once a driver has accepted a ride request. The emergence of "supply-side feeder" businesses like Breeze validates how quickly smartphone ride services have matured, said Lisa Gansky, founder of consulting firm Mesh Labs, which specializes in collaborative economy issues. Sourcing questionsChris Brown, executive editor of Auto Rental News, was perplexed by Breeze's car sourcing. "Who in their right mind would rent out brand-new Priuses to a broker who then rents out to someone else for low prices?" he said. Uber has a pilot program with General Motors and Toyota to help its drivers buy cars at favorable rates.