The Secret to Being Approachable Is Almost Too Obvious (You’ve Probably Already Done it Today) | wealth business & social media |

You know those people with a seemingly magnetic force that attracts all types of people? Whether they’re engaging you in a light and friendly chat or a meaningful conversation, they just seem to have a presence you wish you had. It’s easy to sum it all up and say that some people just have it, and others just don’t, but that’s an unproductive way of thinking about it. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t also be the type of person who charms the pants off of everybody.


If you consider yourself to be socially awkward, or just chronically shy , you may feel like it takes a lot of effort to have engaging interactions with others. For me, I know if the person I’m talking to seems uncomfortable, I start to think that I’ve offended or bored him. Is he thinking about his to-do list right now? Am I that lame? Without some type of visible reassurance telling me the person I’m speaking with is enjoying the conversation, I struggle to be present and am bound to forget about the individual.

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