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“To be forewarned

Is to be forearmed.”


Yeah yeah, I know; astrology is superstitious nonsense. The same people who brought you nuclear weapons and pharmaceutical side-effects say so. But in point of fact, real science is the observation over a period of time of what actually happens. So here’s your chance to participate in an unofficial and unfunded, but nevertheless empirical research project.

On August 12, our little neighbor Mercury will slow down a bit in its 88 day journey around the Sun. This phenomenon usually occurs three times per year, and lasts about 22 days. This time it does not go direct until September 5. As seen from Earth, Mercury’s apparent motion is backwards, or retrograde; like passing a slower-moving car on the highway. And while there is no “logical” or “scientific” reason why this should affect things on Earth, here is your opportunity to see if it affects your own life. 

During this roughly three week period (it will seem longer), all things involving communication and transportation will be affected by delays. Ha! you say, so what else is new? What will distinguish this period from the normal grind is the frequency and magnitude of these interruptions. In the immortal words of Carmine from Philly: “Big! Big I tell you!”

The easiest way to observe this phenomena is to take a mental note of how often words that begin with re or de appear in print, broadcast, and your own personal life. The most common manifestations are repairs and delays. Misunderstandings, forgetfulness, and being late are easy to observe. Typographical and numerical errors also abound. Media types will be retracting statements on TeeVee and correcting errors in print.

The generally negative effects of this transit include: losing or misplacing things (including, or I should say especially computer files), travel delays (count the broken-down cars on the side of the road), transportation/traffic snafus involving scores or even hundreds of vehicles, “technical difficulties” in broadcast media, misspeaking (watch that “send” button!), retractions, lost persons and pets (a noticeable increase in road kill), recovery of long- lost remains, abductions, big fires, big floods, and recalls of products. 

Increases in food poisoning, false alarms, wrong phone numbers, demolitions, demonstrations strikes, refugees, power outages, sports injuries (especially to star players) will be apparent. And then of course there’s the ever popular Celebrity Death Watch. A noticeable increase in prominent persons passing away is easily observable and quantifiable. You or someone you know will almost certainly arrive at a place that is closed because of remodeling, has gone out of business, or has relocated.

Ahhh, but its not all bad. Research pays off in the form of major discoveries or revisions in science or technology. Often new species of plants or animals or new planetary bodies are discovered. The phrase “first time in history” will be bandied about. Finding lost objects and seeing people after long separations are common occurrences. There should be at least one national story about long-lost siblings being reunited, and about the dog or cat who traveled hundreds of miles to find their way home. Perhaps a heroic rescue, or the payment of reparations.

The easiest way to observe these phenomena is in the World of Sports. It will be readily apparent that there are an uncommon number of records being set, as well as overtime games, ties, blowouts, upsets, and the aforementioned injuries. Instant replay will provide an unwelcome delay to games, and some teams will trot out their “throwback” uniforms and jerseys. 

Even if you do indeed notice an observable difference in the aforementioned phenomena, it really proves nothing. However, if you see the same things happen during each of Mercury’s three retrogrades each year for several years, then you might conclude there is something happening that modern science hasn’t figured out how to measure yet. All that would be necessary is to tie up a few supercomputers comparing the frequency and magnitude of these types of events when Mercury is retrograde, and when its not. 

But until then, measure twice; cut once.


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