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SEO Usual Suspects

This Marketingland.com post shares 8 SEO "ranking signals" that won't be a surprise to anyone who knows search engine optimization. There is an interesting 2017 take on these "usual suspects" SEO ranking signals. 

Posts like this always make ranking sound abstract and apart from the content you create. Not so much actually. Content is impossible to manipulate, Jack, or force round pegs into square holes. Better to do what you do well, share that passion and look for others who care about what you're doing. 

Remember not all visitors are created equal. About 1% of your visitors want to help IF YOU ASK THEM. Another 9% are willing to join and support with links and shares IF YOU ASK THEM. So you can bet what our next advice is going to be - ASK FOR HELP. 

Look at how HBX asks for ambassadors right on their home page. 

We would add a user-generated content ask and award the same points currency they are mining now, but you can see the beginnings of a good ambassador program - something every website needs these days. 


Read this SEO post to brush up on your "ranking factors" and never forget you aren't creating content for SEO. You create content to share passion, love and create movements others want to join. SEO is just something you do because to not do it is stupid. 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith