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There is a battle rumbling underneath our computer screens. We cannot see the fight right in front of us, but it is a nasty one, turning brethren websites against each other. Although Google’s algorithm and updates have been, and forever will be, changing the playing fields, the latest penguin update hit especially hard.


Since the Penguin update, search engine optimization companies have been fighting an uphill battle to regain the high rankings they have lost. The goal of the Penguin update, combined with the preceding Panda update, is to create a higher quality web by reducing the rankings of websites that have been spamming Google by practicing black hat techniques including “cloaking” or “keyword stuffing”.


The standards for quality content have risen and now, top search engine placement has now become harder to reach than ever before. Because of the shift in positioning, website owners who have trusted the standing of their websites to SEO companies have begun to sweat. Although their faith in SEO has been shaken, their need for SEO has gone nowhere. The new algorithm has only changed up the playing field, again.


This update presents a new challenge, but facing challenges is no new task for white hat SEO operators. Tom Bates, from Absolute Placement Today Inc., has faced the harsh effects of the shuffle board switch up. He has organically followed all of the guidelines from Google’s algorithm, practicing white hat SEO and was still penalized, being pushed from #1 on Google’s page ranking to page 5 on one of his keyword terms. There are many cases similar to his who have been affected by the Penguin update. In fact, according to a recent poll, over 40% of websites voted that they were impacted negatively since the release of the Penguin update. In one case on Blogger, one website was pushed from page one all the way to page 83.


Although almost everyone trying to catch back up may feel hopeless and extremely angry, Bates wants it to be known that recovering from the shuffle is possible. Those who have been practicing white hat SEO and have been negatively impacted by the Penguin update won’t gain much by simply sending a query to Google stating they had been penalized by mistake, hoping for savior. So, what other options are there?


The battle must be fought. It is imperative to work harder and smarter. Google is targeting over-optimization with the new Panda update. Bates has been creating more original, fresh and substantial content to gain back his old rankings.  "Everyone must get rid of cloaking and keyword stuffing," advises Bates. "Now more than ever, it is necessary to create original content by digging for relevant information."


Bates is slowly but surely gaining back his sites their original, high rankings. This Penguin update has turned the battle for top rankings into a nasty one, but it has not turned the need for SEO away. There is still a need, maybe more now than before, for affordable and effective SEO.