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I have no doubt in my mind that I can I can be 230 pounds go and take off your old River sandals and step on the scale me for nine thirty four pounds I would I know you're coming up from five hundred pounds but that series when that number came up before 134pounds on Gilead yes it was shocking for him but at the same time he also saw how fare’s come and I know you want to get married I know you want to have a family said the direction that you were going and can lead to their everybody's getting history at losing me gaining weight losing weight getting me so I'm just looking forward to keeping him going on the changes making sure that he just turned around to go back this old patterns yet big week ahead of us a coming up forget this everything is coming slowly falling apart for me at this point like I just don't know what to do and later the in everybody else you breaking promises yourself it your the California longevity is to youths for Buchanan its and as soon as me about watching through those doors it begins me zinger through a battery medical exams will be meeting with the nutrition issue on staff holidays absolutely amazing hollowed Chris to rate how are you doing good children mapping out the whole food plan easy falling