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San Diego, CA: Valeria Munique Tachiquin, a 32-year old mother of five and a U.S. citizen, was shot and killed by a plainclothes Border Patrol agent last Friday afternoon in the City of Chula Vista.On Monday, October 1st, Valeria’s father, Valentin Tachiquin, will give a statement at a press conference with local human rights activists from the American Friends Service Committee and Alliance San Diego.The fatal incident occurred in a residential area in Chula Vista on Moss Street near Broadway.

Neighbors and eyewitnesses were shocked and feared for their safety when they saw a man shooting multiple times into the vehicle driven by Munique. The shooter was later identified as a plainclothes Border Patrol agent who was apparently serving a warrant in a nearby residence. Authorities have withheld his name.The family states that Munique, a U.S. Citzen, was not the person Border Patrol was seeking.The Border Patrol agent involved in the shooting was treated in a hospital but the extents of his injuries are unknown. Neighbors say they saw the plainclothes agent walking immediately after the incident.“I want to know ‘why’?


What caused the Border Patrol agent to shoot my daughter multiple times? My family wants answers, and we are seeking justice,” stated Valentin Tachiquin.“There is a troubling and growing pattern of abuse and excessive use-of-force committed by Border Patrol agents; our community demands to know what led to such a brutal act by that plainclothes agent,” said Pedro Ríos, director of the American Friends Service Committee US Mexico Border Program.This latest incidents comes at a time in which Border Patrol has been under fire by law makers who are calling for, “ a top-to-bottom review of CBP practices”.

“The Border Patrol continues to be an out of control agency that operates above the law,” said Christian Ramirez. “We need to continue to put pressure on Customs and Border Protection to call for transparency, accountability and justice.”

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