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Visual C# 2012 How to Program, 5th Edition - Free eBook Share

Visual C# 2012 How to Program, 5th Edition - Free eBook Share | wayto | Scoop.it
eBook Free Download: Visual C# 2012 How to Program, 5th Edition | PDF, EPUB | ISBN: 0133379337 | 2013-03-18 | English | PutLocker

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Visual C# 2012 How to Program (5th Edition) (How to Program (Deitel))

Appropriate for all basic-to-intermediate level courses in Visual C# 2012 programming.

Created by world-renowned programming instructors Paul and Harvey Deitel, Visual C# 2012 How to Program, Fifth Edition introduces all facets of the C# 2012 language hands-on, through hundreds of working programs. This book has been thoroughly updated to reflect the major innovations Microsoft has incorporated in Visual C# 2012; all discussions and sample code have been carefully audited against the newest Visual C# language specification.
Students begin by getting comfortable with the C# Express 2012 IDE and basic Visual C# syntax. Next, they build their skills one step at a time, mastering control structures, classes, objects, methods, variables, arrays, and the core techniques of object-oriented programming. With this strong foundation in place, the Deitels introduce more sophisticated techniques, including searching, sorting, data structures, generics, and collections. Throughout, the authors show students how to make the most of Microsoft’s Visual Studiotools. A series of appendices provide essential programming reference material.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Computers, the Internet and Visual C#
2 Dive Into® Visual Studio Express 2012 forWindows Desktop
3 Introduction to C# Apps
4 Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and strings
5 Control Statements: Part 1
6 Control Statements: Part 2
7 Methods: A Deeper Look
8 Arrays; Introduction to Exception Handling
9 Introduction to LINQ and the List Collection
10 Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look
11 Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance
12 OOP: Polymorphism, Interfaces and Operator Overloading
13 Exception Handling: A Deeper Look
14 Graphical User Interfaces with Windows Forms: Part 1
15 Graphical User Interfaces with Windows Forms: Part 2
16 Strings and Characters: A Deeper Look
17 Files and Streams
18 Searching and Sorting
19 Data Structures
20 Generics
21 Collections
22 Databases and LINQ
23 Web App Development with ASP.NET
Chapters on the Web
A: Operator Precedence Chart
B: Simple Types
C: ASCII Character Set
Appendices on theWeb

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Don't POOP making a SCOOP

This is ONLY PDF version. Not EPUB!


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iOS 7 By Tutorials - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

iOS 7 By Tutorials - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | wayto | Scoop.it
iOS 7 By Tutorials PDF Free Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 0989675106, By Cesare Rocchi, Charlie Fulton, Chris Wagner, Christine Abernathy, Colin Eberhardt, Felipe Laso Marsetti, Greg Heo, Jeremy Olson, Marin Todorov, Matt Galloway, Matthijs Hollemans, Pietro Rea, Soheil Moayedi Azarpour

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