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Webtransfer - P2P social credit network

Webtransfer - P2P social credit network | WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE | Scoop.it
Социальная кредитная сеть Webtransfer - Высокодоходный рынок микрофинансирования теперь доступен для Вас. Мы убрали посредников, позволив всем желающим инвестировать деньги в микрокредиты, объединив их с людьми, которым нужны эти деньги.
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BM Developing Blockchain Without Bitcoin for Record-Keeping and Smart Contractsby GIULIO PRISCO on SEPTEMBER 18, 20150

IBM is developing its own version of the blockchain technology and plans to release open-source software within the next few months, The Wall Street Journalreports. The new platform would operate without a native currency like bitcoin and be used to keep track of B2B – business to business, bank to bank, and bank to business – transactions and enforce smart contracts.

The new IBM software platform will permit creating digital contracts that – like bitcoin transactions – would be recorded publicly and securely on a worldwide computer network.

“Blockchain, as a technology, is extremely interesting and intriguing,” said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director of IBM Research. ““I want to extend banking to the 3.2 billion people who are going to come into the middle class over the next 15 years. So I need a much lower cost of keeping a ledger. Blockchain offers some intriguing possibilities there.”

Krishna, who previously was general manager of IBM Systems and Technology Group’s Development and Manufacturing organization, leads IBM’s overall technical strategy, overseeing a global organization of approximately 3,000 scientists and technologists located at 12 labs on six continents.

Over the past year, dozens of IBM researchers have been developing their own blockchain-based technology for secure online smart contracts. Krishna said that the project – which is still considered as an experimental project by IBM – could log transactions between banks or international businesses, or even let banks and businesses share the same system of record.

For example, once a Chinese supplier and a U.S. buyer agree that a product had been delivered, a U.S. bank could pay the supplier instantly over the Internet.

The IBM researchers are modifying the original bitcoin ideas to build a blockchain that operates without currency, ensures that contract details remain private and makes it easier for companies to embed business rules into their smart contracts – for example, automatically paying for a package upon delivery.

ExtremeTech notes that this is the first time the concept of blockchain-based smart contracts is backed by a company as large and powerful as IBM. With a track record of successful open-source software solutions, and with its name and reputation behind their blockchain idea, IBM could convince major companies to get on board.

Smart contracts are computer programs that can automatically execute the terms of a contract. In 2001, legendary cryptographer Nick Szabo spoke of smart contracts that solved the problem of trust by being self-executing, and having property embedded with information about who owns it. For example, the key to a car might operate only if the car has been paid for according to the terms of a contract.

Now, Szabo expects emerging “Bitcoin 2.0” smart contracts platforms likeEthereum to have a disruptive impact on financial and legal systems, comparable to that of Bitcoin itself. “[E]ventually more so, since Ethereum’s more flexible and general language can facilitate a much wider variety of commercial and other formal relationships,” said Szabo.

However, according to the scarce information about the IBM project that has been released so far, there seems to be an important difference between Ethereum and the upcoming IBM platform: the concept of “miners” – end users who contribute computing to validate transactions and receive a financial reward in the native crypto-currency carried by the blockchain – would be absent in IBM’s implementation.

Therefore, it appears that IBM wants to go one step beyond the now fashionable concept of permissioned blockchains, where only approved financial operators and governments are allowed to validate transactions, and implement a blockchain without a native crypto-currency, to be used only for record-keeping and smart contracts.

IBM has been doing research on blockchain technology for some time – at CES 2015 it unveiled ADEPT, a system developed in partnership with Samsung that leverages elements of blockchain technology to coordinate a decentralized Internet of Things.  In March, Bitcoin Magazine reported that, according to solid rumors, IBM was developing a digital cash and payment system for major currencies, “sort of a Bitcoin but without the bitcoin,” and discussing the project with a number of central banks, including the Federal Reserve, in view of possible adoption by governments.

The new project described by Krishna is unrelated to ADEPT, but it could be related to the rumors reported in March. It’s evident that, if IBM were to become the preferred partner of governments for next-generation fintech based on blockchain technology, the payoff could be huge. It’s unclear, however, how IMB plans to achieve operational robustness and scalability without crowd-sourcing the operations of the blockchain to properly incentivized miners.


SOURCE https://bitcoinmagazine.com/21962/ibm-developing-blockchain-without-bitcoin-record-keeping-smart-contracts/

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Scooped by dangvang

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FAST IN 2016? If you don't make money in your 30 days, i will refund your money + $1000 from my own money

dangvang's insight:

1- The 1st way to build your income online in webtransfer is making money with other people's money just like the banks do on a daily basis. Of course, we are not dealing with millions of USD but with just $5000 USD arbitrage credit the company is willing to loan to you if you request for that credit for arbitration. the arbitrage credit $5000 is a loan and just like any other loan you will have to repay that loan with daily interest rate = 0.5% for 30 days. Do not use the credit for arbitration to issue loans for terms below 30 days because you want to take advantage of it at the max. So always lend those $5000 USD for 30 days at the highest interest rate you can get according to the average interest rate of that particular day. You must lend that money asap as soon as you get it . To get the arbitrage credit you must satisfy 1 condition ( deposit $1000 in personal funds ) and 1 requirement ( borrow $1000 in the marketplace for 30 days and lend that money asap for the same term used for arbitrage credit loans ) This is how you can make money in webtransfer at the beginning: Lending your $1000 personal funds, lending the $5000 USD arbitrage credit , and finally lending the $1000 ( qualification requirement ) to be able to use the $5000 USD arbitrage..

With just that in mind , it's already a great business plan ( 100% duplicable )

2- the 2nd way to grow your income in webtransfer is adding more personal funds ( you can deposit from $1000 - $10K ) and lend your money for profits no matter if you use the arbitrage credit or not ( of course you will use it every single month .. How many companies can give a $5K loan to their members ?

3- the 3rd way to grow your income, is building your team:
And this is the most interesting part of this business because we are in a real business of the future in the micro finance. Our primary target ishttps://www.lendingclub.com/ You don't have to worry about PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME complaints, COMPLIANCE issues, Withdraw issues. We are building the first P2P social credit network. Webtransfer will face many challenges on the way, but nothing can stop a revolution. Think about Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, ALIBABA tec . Here we don't have to worry about BANKRUPCY ot site shut down by the SEC because webtransfer is a social network. With webtransfer finance we can only face technical issues. Due to the high level positiveness and VISON needed in here, you will attract only serious people in your downline. Free opportunity seekers are not welcomed and ONE must learn a lot of stuff to get started so you can build your reputation building your team and doing live presentations in the future. You will attract Peope with the will and desire to become their own bank just like you. So you don't rely on the quantity of leads, prospects and referrals but on the QUALITY of your business associates. referral is not a convenient term to use in webtransfer because your referrals are really here to grow your business leveraging the power of duplication and compound interests.

4- the 4th way to earn money in webtransfer is to become your own exchange ( your own bank ) by helping other people to get involved in this business or manage their accounts. And for that, you must become an expert in funding, payment processors, exchange currencies platform, digital virtual currencies , and specially crypto currencies/exchange of the future..

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