Breakthrough CSP Desalination Plant in Cyprus | Water Wars |

Focus on greener technologies has created several break throughs in science. One such breakthrough is the use of Concentrated Solar Power or CSP. The concept being instead of heating water with fossil fuels a company can focus energy harnessed from solar panels and use it to boil water. The subsequent steam is used to power turbines that create electricty which is then sold on the market.

Until recently that steam was wasted. But with breakthroughs in technology a solar power plant can use the excess steam and energy to desalinate the water it boils creating a new source of potable water.

Whenever the plant needs peek electricity production it can simply shut the desalinization process down and focus on creating electrcity. During slow periods, when excess electricity and water vapor would normally be wasted it can be converted to a desalinization plant producing fresh water. This literally solves two issues at once.


Its breakthroughs such as this humanity needs to break the status quo for water usage.

Via Pol Bacquet