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*****Dinky Mouse Maze Race*****

Run fast, beat enemies, be smart enough to find and unlock Super Cheese!

3 unique worlds full of adventures, with 45 free easy to hard mazes.

Good game for boys, girls and anyone.

The combination of logic and agility elements is great fun even for the most demanding players. Each level contains a separate riddle the goal of which is to find and unlock the Super Cheese served on a tray, having collected all the cheese pieces in each game level in the shortest time possible.
Numerous obstacles await you:
- angry birds flying and throwing stones;
- wild cats;
- passages blocked with boxes;
- magnets attracting you;
- cool lazer beams being fired at you;
- bombs;
- hidden keys;
- teleports, etc.
Some enemy figures may help you to complete the level. Use your own imagination and think logically. It's kind of education and brainstorm to run through such labyrinth skillfully.

Just Enjoy!