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VVM Attorneys (http://my.opera.com/vvmattorneys/blog/) has always grown organically and currently has 702 staff members. VVM has a SETA accredited training college and takes on learnerships regularly. This year VVM has allocated to take on 300 learnerships to be used in VVM.

The importance of developing, and maintaining, human capital becomes pivotal to success, to this end VVM (http://tembisa.yalwa.co.za/ID_132299133/VVM-Attorneys.html) has a highly skilled workforce, that will be extended as a result of this transaction.

It is through this project, that promising candidates will be recruited, from the pool of currently unemployed and under privileged, in the very same areas, from which Credit Management will occur. Consider a network of query centers in the less affluent areas, were consumers will not need to travel vast distances to attend to resolving queries, employed by those very residents, facing the difficulty of repaying debt.

Not only will new recruits be intensively trained, but more experienced staff may be seconded into COJ’s existing structures, so as to assist with the large volumes of transactions. South Africa Attorneys:http://www.expatica.com/za/listings/company_details/vvm_attorneys_12424.html

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