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Posted by Jon Fauer  on March 29, 2013 • 

Photo: David James, Universal Pictures • 


"This interview with Claudio Miranda, ASC is a sneak peak at one of the articles in Film and Digital Times’ April 2013 Issue 53.


JON FAUER: Oblivion will be the first release of a major motion picture shot with a Sony F65 camera. So far, few of us have seen its capabilities on a big screen. Tell us about the camera and lenses.


CLAUDIO MIRANDA, ASC: On Oblivion, we used the Sony F65. For lenses, on exteriors we used Fujinon Premier zooms. They are ridiculously sharp. They’re sharper than our  primes. A zoom sharper than a prime? That’s incredible. Those Premier zooms are expensive but worth it. For interiors, when we needed a lot of stop, we used the ARRI/ZEISS Master Primes at T1.3.


Why did you need fast lenses?


We did something kind of unique in Oblivion. We were tired of blue screens. We knew what blue screens would mean to the production design of the set. There’s a scene in the movie with a building that’s up in the clouds. It’s an all-glass structure, very modern and very open, with very shiny surfaces. Usually, if you get a situation like that and you’re doing blue screens, VFX will say, “Okay, let’s take all the glass out.” In fact, that’s what they told us to do, “Take all the glass out and consider using more matte surfaces and get away from shiny things.” Because, with so much glass things get too shiny. When using blue screen the set just disappears and then they end up having to digitally reconstruct the set in post, which gets expensive."


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