10 emerging technologies in 2012 (MIT list) | VP Sales-Marketing | Scoop.it

The TR10 list represents the 10 most important technological milestones reached in the last 12 months. To compile the list, Technology Review selects the technologies we believe will have the greatest impact on the shape of innovation in years to come.


This impact can take very different forms: one technology points toward a method of discovering better battery materials for mobile devices and electric vehicles; another offers a new way for entrepreneurs to fund the commercialization of emerging technologies. But in all cases, these are breakthroughs with the potential to transform the world.


Technologies include: Egg Stem Cells, Ultra-Efficient Solar Cells, Light-Field Photography, Solar Microgrids, 3-D Transistors, Sparce Fourier Transform, Nanopore Sequencing, Crowdfunding, High-Speed Materials, and Facebook Timeline.

Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald