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Love Kids Foundation is in Nkoranza, Brong Ahafo region, which is in central Ghana, West Africa. At first, as a family, they took in three children from their community who had lost their parents and had no-one willing to care for them. They then discovered that there were many children in the community who were desperately lacking a secure home and parental care: thus Love Kids Foundation and Care Home was born.  The area is very picturesque full of exotic trees bearing mangoes and other delicious fruit, dogs that enjoy following you, and locals riding on bicycles. The area where the orphanage is located is very rural, and you will find many beautiful areas.


At the orphanage home, we raise the children with love, respect and care. Our vision is to see these children, seemingly rejected by the world, to have a hope and a future. By bringing orphans into their home, they aim to give them love, education and a bright future which they otherwise would not have. As they are raised in an African country, they are brought up in a traditional Ghanaian way. However, by accepting volunteers worldwide we hope this will help the children to learn about the world they live in and learn about other cultures. At the same time, making some new friends!


The orphan statistics in Ghana are at a staggering 170,000 who alone have become orphans due to HIV/Aids. Many of these children are taken in by extended family and friends, but the remainder must either live on their own or in orphanages. It is a very sad fact that these children must look after themselves, and those blessed enough to be in an orphanage must always deal with the fact that they are no longer with their parents. This is the reason orphanages like Love Kids exist, to give these children a chance to flourish and grow and to have a chance to have a bright future.


Many of the children at Love Kids Orphanage have plans for the future to be doctors, nurses – jobs that will affect the lives of others. The hope they have received, they long to give.


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