Madison, WI 10th Aug, 2014 - has termed its custom voice demo service for product commercials a complete success just a few months after it was officially launched. The voice demo expert has observed in a statement that customer orders on this new service have grown by over 50% in a period of just four months and in light of this, the provider is confident that the custom service is set to become one of its popular offerings in the next few years. is one of the very few high profile voice over demo providers that has invested significantly in offering custom services geared towards product commercials. The move had been hailed by many experts as soon as it officially launched and as it seems, there is no doubt custom video demos for commercials has been a remarkable revelation. has made it clear that it will spare no efforts in expanding this new service to as many customers as possible.

The provider is anticipating increased orders in the next few months as many more small and medium scale businesses look to take full advantage of it. In addition to this, the voice demo consultant is expected to start expanding its capacity to offer commercial voice demo services to as many new customers as possible and considering that indeed the firm is one of the few entities in the market offering this service, expanding its capacity at this moment is indeed very logical.

According to experts and analysts in the sector who have been following closely, the popularity and success of its voice over demos geared towards product commercials is not surprising at all. To start with, prior to the launch of the new service demand for professional commercial voice demo services had been on the high but sadly not many high profile entities in the market were offering it. Secondly, has managed to aspire to the highest level of creativity in its voice over demos giving its customers great value for money and results oriented services in the process.

It is based on these two factors that a lot of customers have been choosing and even in the coming months it will not be surprising if this remarkable progress is indeed maintained. The company has categorically stated that it will continue to unveil custom voice over demo services in the future to suit the needs of specific customers. For the best voice over demo scripts, please get in touch with the firm through today.

About is one of the top rated voice over demo provider with years of remarkable experience in the sector. The firm works hand in hand with customers to delivery creative and innovative voice demos in line with the financial abilities of most clients. For more information on its team, fees and services please visit

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