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3D Checkerboard Projection Mapping VJ LOOP V 2.0

3D Checkerboard Projection Mapping V 2.0 For stage design.
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Create a 3-d mapping model consisting of paper

1. Export a 3d mesh (Cinema4d, Blender or Aftereffects) as an .obj file. 2. Download and install PePaKuRa Designer 3 (http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/)…
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The Hap Video Codecs, Now Available For Windows!

The Hap Video Codecs, Now Available For Windows! | vj | Scoop.it
Front Pictures pushes the limit, 26 layers of Hap Q on 52 projectors played
from Touch Designer on Renaissance

Last year in a collaboration Tom Butterworth we had the pleasure of sharing
a powerful new set of open source video codecs called Hap with the Mac
real-time video community. The goal of Hap was to serve a broad audience
with the same need to push more pixels, benefiting everyone from show
designers on expensive media servers handling 2k and 4k arrays to weekend
VJs now able to playback multiple HD streams off a laptop.

One thing we've learned about artists in our time writing video performance
software is that in the real world they take advantage of all kinds of
tools for different projects and to create their unique visual style. With
every new application that adds native support for the Hap suite, now
counting at more than a dozen, it makes it easier to get the best
performance regardless of what software is used to get a job done.

This mixing and matching of software isn't limited to a single platform and
today we're extremely excited to announce that the GPU accelerated codec of
choice on the Mac is now officially supported on Windows!

As of this announcement, the Hap video codec family can now be natively
used on Windows in Touch Designer, OpenFrameworks (via ofxHapPlayer
), Jitter (via jit.gl.hap), DirectShow and Unity (via RenderHeads
AVProQuicktime), with support coming very soon to D3 Media Servers and the 
Isadora programming environment.

To celebrate, we've updated the Hap homepage to include our new photo
gallery of the various applications and frameworks that have adopted the
format on both platforms. The homepage is also the place to check out how
Hap compares to other commonly used codecs for live visuals.

The installers for the QuickTime Hap codecs for Mac and Windows can be
found on the downloads page: 

(remember that the application you're using will also need to natively
support Hap!)

Mac and Windows developers who are interested in learning more about Hap
can visit the GitHub project page for technical details and sample code: 

Thanks again to all of the developers who have helped build this Hap-py
community, and infinite praise for the infamous Tom Butterworth who
continues to make it all Hap-pen.


Hap sample clips by Glowing Pictures playing in VDMX


The jit.gl.hap object in Max / MSP / Jitter.

Touch Designer

Derivative's Touch Designer on Windows


RenderHeads AV Pro QuickTime for loading Hap into Unity gaming engine


D3 Technologies media servers


millumin video software


Garage Cube's modul8 VJ software


Playing Hap movies in CoGe


Kraken VJ software


GRoK VJ software


VPT7 projection mapping software


Hap codecs OpenFrameworks add-on
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