Bicycle is one of the easiest and cheapest means of transportation these days. It is very comfortable and gives easy ride. You don’t need to learn or put extra afford to ride on the cycle. The below write up will discuss the integral part of the vehicle and others parts as well.


Tiers - It is one of the vital parts of the vehicle because the whole vehicle lies on this part. So it’s maintained and regular checking is necessary. You should always make sure that you get the most appropriate wheel according to your automobile with no compromise with the quality. There are lots of brand in the market, Michelin bicycle tires is also one of the brand present in market that offers quality range products. Wheels are fitted in the frames by the means of dropout. There is a wide range of wheels available in the market for various purposes like road racing, mountain biking etc. The functioning of a cycle depends on the stiffness of the wheel, weight of the wheel, bearing, rim and the quality of wheel used. Wheels are also of different types like according to the need of the rider. Like tubular wheels are used for racing purposes and are made light weight for fast and forceful riding. Whereas clincher wheel is the most common form of wheel that is used for daily riding.


Apart from wheels the cycle also consists of various components like axle, hub, bearing, rim, gear and hub shell. These parts are discussed here briefly.


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