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Suites are now 33% of total revenue. Regional performance was hit and miss.

Revenue by group:

Platform Solutions and Emerging Business segment revenue was $198 million, down 7% from 4Q12;AEC revenue was $207 million, up 18% compared to the fourth quarter last year.Manufacturing revenue was $155 million, up 5% from a year earlier.Media and Entertainment revenue was $47 million, down 16% from a year earlier, continuing a long-term trend. (For details on Autodesk’s M&E revenue history and prospects, see the GraphicSpeak article, “Reversing the revenue decline at Autodesk Media and Entertainment.”)Flagship products revenue was $328 million, down 1% from a year earlier.Suites revenue was $189 million, up 17% from 4Q12.New and Adjacent products revenue was $90 million, down 10% from a year ago.