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As the CEO of an international organization, I know how important it is to tell a good story. Most donors want to know how we have helped people in the developing world, and there is no better way to demonstrate our impact than with stories from people that have been positively affected by the work done by NetHope and our 35 member organizations.


But it is not enough to write a blog entry or tweet on our success. To compete among the sea of content available online, there's a demand to rethink our storytelling and to make things more visual and interactive in order to draw attention from donors and resonate with consumers.


n a recent Huffington Post blog entry, Content Marketing Specialist Michael Parrish DuDell said, "today it's about the story, the narrative, the "why" behind "what." The future of business isn't just about innovating products and services; it's about innovating the storytelling process behind those products and services and doing it in the most compelling and authentic way possible."