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An in-depth look at how scientists are visualizing dark matter.

Though the Hayden Planetarium has been bringing visitors on visual voyages for years, its most recent space show celebrates both the known and unknown corners of life—from the matter that surrounds us to the anti-matter, or dark matter (matter that doesn't emit or absorb light, yet still has a gravitational force), which we're just beginning to understand. The program brings viewers from 3D-renderings of space crafts and the Milky Way, all the way into space 100 million light years away—the place where the Hubble Telescope first noticed that the universe is expanding due to dark matter. Dark Universe then offers viewers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into the dark energy responsible for the cosmic growth of everything.

To see inside this (literally) universe-expanding work of art and science, The Creators Project took a look behind-the-scenes of Dark Universe, and interviewed the production specialists at at GOTO Inc, the 3D-modelers at HiFi 3D, and even celeb-scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Modecai-Mark Mac Low.

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