Exhibition at PhotoInk, Delhi | Chandigarh: Portrait of a City by Manuel Bougot | Visual Culture and Communication | Scoop.it

"Manuel Bougot’s interest in Le Corbusier’s architecture began in the 1980s when he worked on Caroline Maniaque’s thesis in architecture – on the Jaoul Houses, built in 1954, in Neuilly, France. From 2006 onwards, Bogout renewed his interest in Le Corbusier, attending talks on Chandigarh and photographed the only building the architect ever built for himself – a cabanon (a summer cabin) in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The desire to photograph Chandigarh thus became imperative to further any understanding of Le Corbusier, the urban designer, and his philosophy about architecture and modernism."


Photograph by Manuel Bougot.

Article from Platform Mag.

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