20 Social Media Ideas to get started for Health Professionals #hcsm | VEBI.be - Visites virtuelles Interactives | Scoop.it
Write a blog post about staying healthy in the winterCreate a Pinterest board about healthy eating habits/simple recipesShare live broadcasts of surgical procedures on TwitterCreate a virtual hospital tour and post it to YouTubeRemind patients to get a flu shot and post it to FacebookUse LinkedIn to identify potential candidates for an open positionCreate a Pinterest board featuring items you need to get over a cold (tissues, orange juice, blankets)Tweet “did you know” snippets of health trivia, or quick newsworthy sneak peeksWrite a blog post about surprising health habits that promote longevityCreate a video on what to expect from a particular medical procedureWrite a few tips on how to exercise during the workday and post it on FacebookUse LinkedIn to share research with relevant health care groupsCreate a Pinterest board featuring new exercise routinesCreate vivid, colorful cover photos (this includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)Use Twitter to promote annual check-ups and eye examinationsUse Facebook to spotlight employees and company accomplishmentsCreate a Pinterest board showcasing stress-free activitiesUse LinkedIn to network with health professionals from around the worldUse Facebook to promote national health weeks/months (National Handwashing Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month)Write a blog post about current health care changes

Have fun with your social media efforts. Don’t over think it. Concise, digestible information is what your audience wants. It’s what your audience needs.

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