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If you’re a teacher, you’d probably agree with the statement that most of the professional development you have taken suffered throughover your career has been less than amazing. What is a shame—actually tragic—about this is that with all the research that is available on staff development and professional development, no teacher should have to feel this way.


Professional development is an essential element in helping one grow as an educator. It should be an enjoyable experience that one looks forward to with anticipation and excitement. It should be viewed as an opportunity to innovate, experiment, and improve one’s practice. Professional development should be based on what we know from the robust research that is available.


I want to be clear that I’m not trying to be Henny Penny and say the (professional development) sky is falling. However, after 17 years as an educator with the last 2 years being my District’s academic coach in educational technology with the responsibility of providing on-going professional development, I am keenly aware that there is much room for improvement with how professional development is delivered.  With the vast amount of research available on effective professional development and the capabilities that Web 2.0 tools afford, professional development can now be highly personalized, and therefore, more meaningful.


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