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Must Read Report: The Internet’s Latest Disruption – Knowledge.

Must Read Report: The Internet’s Latest Disruption – Knowledge. | Virtual Assistants Services USA |
Know or die: risk and opportunity of Knowledge 2.0
“And the web stormed the enterprise and disrupted roles, tasks and jobs: it cast speed, openness, flexibility and efficiency throughout, sparing no business processes: manufacturing, logistic, accounting, customer relation management, lead generation…”
The digital mutation is also profoundly disrupting how knowledge is acquired, organized and shared. Knowledge is an intangible, yet strategic asset of any enterprise. With businesses becoming more virtual and dematerialized, its value is patently and rapidly growing. Continue reading →
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Why to hire Virtual Assistant Services - VIRTUAL EMPLOYEE SERVICES ?

Looking to hire virtual assistant services or virtual employee services? Let's say, you need someone for clerical job at your office. You hired a full time e...
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Do a Search Engine Optimization Audit on Your Blog - Dukeo

Do a Search Engine Optimization Audit on Your Blog - Dukeo | Virtual Assistants Services USA |

This is post number 24 in my Building a Better Blog project and we’re coming down to the wire. Today’s task is to do a search engine optimization audit on your blog. While you should never rely on one source for all your traffic, it’s a safe bet that most of your traffic, especially in the beginning, is going to come through the search engines. And at least 80 percent of that search engine traffic will come through Google.


Therefore, it’s important that any blogger who’s serious about his business learn everything he can about search engine optimization. Now SEO is a very, very broad topic and, unfortunately, the guidelines and techniques change almost daily. What worked last month may be either completely outdated or illegal these days, so SEO isn’t something you can just “learn” and move on to something else.


It’s an ongoing, continuous learning process. That said, there are some aspects of search engine optimization that have remained constant over the years and these are the things you’re going to take a look at today....

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, May 26, 2013 11:31 PM

SEO tactics that you can use. Particularly aimed at bloggers.

Amber Alesi's curator insight, July 1, 2013 11:40 AM

Search engine optimization is an ever changing practice, however, I think one thing will remain constant: Creating fresh, relevant content for people will be rewarded by search engines.