J Biomol NMR: Solution structure of the Magnaporthe oryzae avirulence protein AvrPiz-t (2013) | Viruses, Immunology & Bioinformatics from Virology.uvic.ca | Scoop.it

The AvrPiz-t gene encodes a small protein predicted to be secreted that shows no homology to known proteins and is 108 amino acids in length. AvrPiz-t can suppress programmed cell death (PCD) induced by BAX in tobacco, suggesting that it might contribute to the pathogenicity of M. oryzae. These data suggested that AvrPiz-t functions primarily as a virulence effector contributing to the pathogenicity of M. oryzae. To further understand the mechanism of the pathogenicity-associated function of AvrPiz-t, we determined its solution structure.

Via Kamoun Lab @ TSL