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The heavy duty fibersnake features a fiberglass core jacketed with a tough plastic coating and spooled on a metal wheel with a caged frame. It is mounted on a set of wheels for your convenience.
Use it to help locate damage in conduits with or without wiring. Our duct rodding system is a labour saving solution to installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains with CCTV cameras.

The core of the rod is manufactured by a special process that involves connecting high strength continuous glass fiber filaments with a liquefied resin.  The fibers are drawn into a heated die where the resin matrix is cured, bonding the fibers together and allowing mechanical load to be transmitted  through the matrix and distributed amongst the fibers.

The resulting pultruded rod combines both the high stiffness required to push the rod through long distances of ducting,  with the flexibility to handle tight bends without damage. This inner core is then coated with a highly durable, scratch resistant Polypropylene sheath which protects the core from mechanical damage.

Used to pull or push tapes, cables or sondes through ducts, tubes or conduits, our Viper Duct Rodders are available in 5/16" x 850'.

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