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In Australia, a drone will deliver – books? Yes, really

In Australia, a drone will deliver – books? Yes, really | Vidoe games |
The drone will be used to rush textbooks to students in delivery times as short as two to three minutes.


Here’s how it works: Students would order books from rental company Zookal via a smartphone app and one of six unmanned Flirtey drones would immediately deliver the books to students’ doors. Students would be able to track the drones’ progress in real time on a Google map.

The venture is still pending approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority and its backers hope to launch the service in March 2014. 


Flirtey plans to use laser range finders and sonar technology to help guide drones and avoid collisions with buildings, birds, and pedestrians – common problems in past drone experiments. 


According to The Age, a special delivery mechanism “allows for textbooks to be safely lowered to the customer without the drone having to leave its hovering height of about three metres. If gentle force is applied to the drone's lowering cord, the parcel is released.”

From what we can surmise, this venture has more than just novelty going for it. The drones, which can carry up to 4 and a 1/2 lbs, can reduce waiting times to as little as two to three minutes, according to Zookal, and reduce delivery costs dramatically. Same day postal delivery in Australia can cost as much as $29.95, while Flirtey deliveries will cost $2.99.

Via ddrrnt
Nolan foote's insight:

drones taking books place to place  for kids. These drones have made a great preformence. And the drones are able to be at the school delivered in 2 to 3 minutes which is amazing because you can order a book and it can be in your homroom in minutes and the book can be heavy too. These drones are not just for war you cam get your book to you in minutes

ddrrnt's curator insight, October 20, 2013 6:18 PM

What will drones deliver next?

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Boy, 10, saves family in speeding car, credits hours of Mario Kart experience

Boy, 10, saves family in speeding car, credits hours of Mario Kart experience | Vidoe games |
A 10-year-old Colorado boy who likes to play Mario Kart and drive go-Karts grabbed the wheel of his great-grandmother's speeding car when she passed out and guided it safely off the highway.

Via Josué Cardona
Nolan foote's insight:

Wow how can a 10 year old boy do this. All the games he had played growing up Mario Kart it really helped save his brother and his grandma great  that's what they called her. The 10-year old colorado boy drove the car into the muddy ditch where soon the car came to a stop. He told his younger brother to keep playing his game and told him your doing great keep it up. Even though there was a car far ahead of them on a highway he new what do to and he did it right. Grandma great had passed out and the boy tried to get her up but he new he had to take the wheel.

Laura Wiesner's curator insight, November 8, 2013 8:01 PM

This article is talking about a boy saving his great-grandmother by grabbing the wheel of her car and steering it to safety when she passed out. the surprising thing is that from playing Mario Kart, he was able to do this . I have to say doing that was really showing grrat character, and would be a good example to othe kids. Not just for saying that it is important to save someone everyday, but to be able to have the courage to take the wheel and the audacity to steer it to saftey. He also kept a cool head and helped his little brother through it. 

Sarah Hibbeln's curator insight, November 12, 2013 1:01 PM

This article surprised me a lot! I always have thought that some video games were a waste of time but to me Mario Kart came very handy in this situation. The ten year old boy knew exactly what to do and from what I know is that Mario Kart doesn't include a lot of things in a real-life car! For example, the gas pedal, brake pedal, the consequencnes of hitting someone, and moving in and out of a lane, which lane you should be in, which lane you shouldn't not be in. And he didn't have the control of the brake so how could he have possibly got off the highway when there was probably a high chance of a stoplight after you got off the highway? I think that he might have have jumped into his grandma's lap but still how could he have reaches the pedals. It might have been that he pulled over into the grass off the road. Now that I know about this current event, I'm going to play more Mario Kart just in case!! 

robyns tut's curator insight, November 25, 2013 8:56 AM

we are usually inclinde to beleve that the lessons learnt from games are thosed of violence, but this proves that i depends on the game and the player  and not all games are "bad"- Justine Pearce

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Jon Stewart Takes On Toronto’s ‘Hard Drinking Crack Mayor’ Rob Ford

Jon Stewart Takes On Toronto’s ‘Hard Drinking Crack Mayor’ Rob Ford | Vidoe games |
As far as I can tell, there are only two downsides to the whole Rob Ford fiasco: 1) The fact that there’s a gigantic buffoon with a serious to very serious substance abuse problem who routinely uses his political influence to attempt to cover up...

Via Thomas Faltin
Nolan foote's insight:

as far as I can tell, the mayor of Tronoto was smoking crack which is unbelievable. You never see the mayor or anyone important smoking it shocked all of America and Canada. He said it was a mistake but I'm nt sure. What this does it can affect his family and all of Canada. I would never smoke crack in this position of Canada 

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Social Media Usage on the Rise | Social Media Today

Social Media Usage on the Rise | Social Media Today | Vidoe games |
The number of online U.S. adults who use social media sites has risen from 8% to 72% since 2005. What does this mean for marketers?

Via Bonnie Burns
Alex Simon's curator insight, September 9, 2013 6:00 PM

I am one of those people who use social networks. They are just so much fun and they allow people to keep in touch.

Maxx Johnson's curator insight, September 18, 2013 12:06 AM

Here we are;)


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Video games take bold step against youth suicide

Video games take bold step against youth suicide | Vidoe games |

There’s a word you’ll never hear in a new program to help children cope with troubling emotions: Suicide.


The interactive story — in his travels, a space explorer finds creatures dealing with differing emotions — will be accessible to many children on About Kids Health, the Sick Kids website for families and patients.


Emerging research shows that kids do learn and can change behaviour from technology such as videos, says psychologist Patrick McGrath.

Via Josué Cardona
Nolan foote's insight:

wow kids from ages 5-14 are  committing Suicide behavior from these vidoe games. The games that I used to play were call of duty and these games mess with your head. There as a boy who played call of duty and  in The game when u kill someone they come back to life and he thought that his parents would  come  back to life. And he had shoot them  and they did not come back to life. So whoever play these games stop playing them they mess with you.

robyns tut's curator insight, October 22, 2013 8:47 AM

Relating to an article I scooped previously, Though I think this will be more effective in children. The need to introduce these steps into video games speaks volumes about society, but the measures of prevention are extraordinary.


robyns tut's curator insight, October 22, 2013 10:14 AM

Clever invension but I don't think many children will be interested in playing this compared to other popular games such as GTA 5 and many other violent games. - sara

robyns tut's curator insight, November 25, 2013 10:03 AM

understanding from oneself and from ones family is defininitely a huge step toward acceptance or cure. If this program gets far I believe that it would be an amazing journey to better well- being for many-Justine Pearce 

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John Elway says John Fox recovering after heart surgery

John Elway says John Fox recovering after heart surgery | Vidoe games |
Denver Broncos head coach John Fox was recovering Monday afternoon after heart surgery to replace an aortic valve.

Via BeltwayBoy Sports
Nolan foote's insight:

John fox the broncos need him bad even tho they are on a 7-1 record. It will be Peyton running the offense with adam gase. The broncos will be ok and hoping to have Peyton be back by  game against New England Patriots 

BeltwayBoy Sports's curator insight, November 5, 2013 5:12 AM

Glad to hear that Broncos head coach John Fox is doing well after his surgery!

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Empathy Video Games Change Players Thinking - Video

Empathy Video Games Change Players Thinking - Video | Vidoe games |
There is a new type of video game out and it’s one that doesn’t involve violence. Instead, players experience and fight ‘real life’ problems.


Video game creators have started to move away from fighting and sports themes in favor of exploring deeper issues and emotions, according to industry experts.


“We live in a world where empathy is tough to achieve. This is a medium that could teach, that could inform, that could promote something very positive,” said Burak

Via Edwin Rutsch
Nolan foote's insight:

In this scoop it I wanted to pick it because I used to play it. What this game does to you is mess with your brain and it is causing problems around the world. When I played this game it made me mad and angry all the time so I got rid of it. These call of duty games scienst have said in books and on the news that it is the worst game out there for you which I thing that is very true. My mom read a book on all of it and she said that not one kid in the world should be playing this. And this game makes you addictive to it and which could affect your grades our anything in school. And for any kids out there don't play this game!!!

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