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5 Ways to Use Video in Content Marketing | Business 2 Community

5 Ways to Use Video in Content Marketing | Business 2 Community | Video Marketing |
It's hard to find a medium more powerful than video for reaching an audience. Visually oriented and compelling, videos often tell a company's story more.
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Tips for Using YouTube and Vimeo:


Here are the important questions with Vimeo and YouTube: Are you seeing results? Is posting a video leading to new website traffic, new leads, or more customers? If not, maybe it’s time to put some strategy into the way you use videos online. Consider these quick tips:


It’s not about big bucksThink varietyOptimizeBe socialConvert, Convert, Convert


Tips for Using Vine:


Think of Vine as a media-driven form of the elevator pitch. In a mere few seconds, you have a chance to show followers more about your brand and what it stands for than you can with other marketing formats. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Show, don’t tellShare newsCollaborate


Tips for posting videos to Facebook:


Just because Facebook favors videos doesn’t mean Facebook favors all videos. Here are some tips for deciding what to post:


Be engagingBreak it upUse different types of videos


Tips for posting videos to your website:


Before you add video to your website, whether it’s on your company “about” page or in a new blog series, be sure you consider strategy. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Set goalsKnow your audienceEnlist help


Whichever video tool(s) you choose, one thing’s for sure:


Using video in your marketing plan is good business. Consider some of the benefits of incorporating video into your content marketing plan, for example:


Video is cost-effectiveVideo is compellingVideo isn’t going away
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Video content reaches almost 85 percent of internet users

Video content reaches almost 85 percent of internet users | Video Marketing |
Brands looking to diversify their marketing efforts should include video content now that 85 percent of web users view streaming media.

Via Jeff Domansky
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Brands are wise to remember online consumption habits as video content becomes more of a content marketing staple and less of an optional advantage. Specifically, videos must be kept short and sweet to hold viewers’ attention.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, July 18, 2013 5:47 PM

Got great content and a creative, entertaining video? you're halfway there according to research. But don't forget about keeping it short and ensuring your video loads or uploads quickly. Critical for success.

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Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion [Case Study]

Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion [Case Study] | Video Marketing |
For the 2013 Video Marketing Summit panel entitled, "Making Your Videos Famous – The Science of Sharing & Video Diffusion" for the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we got a look into the science of sharing from Unruly, with a case study provided by...
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Why do people share content? People share videos that have strong emotional triggers and have a strong social motivation.  They showed this well-worn ad for Heineken, which teamed with the movie Skyfall to create content:

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The Digital PR Opportunity -

The Digital PR Opportunity - | Video Marketing |


“Visual information reigns supreme, from video to images to infographics. Overwhelmingly, marketers plan to add more video to content marketing initiatives, necessitating increased investment in both technology and production resources. Marketers’ confidence in and reliance on content marketing is beginning to diminish their reliance on print and broadcast advertising, as well as public relations.”

- Altimeter Group: Content, the new marketing equation

Think like a publisher. Get your Digital PR team trained to produce excellent visual material that extends the story. And learn to do it fast. Work with the media and help them to tell stories that capture people’s hearts....

Via Jeff Domansky
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What brought this about?  A rapidly changing media landscape fueled by new technology:

In the year 2000 -

 46% of US adults used the Internet 5% had broadband at homeNo one was wirelessly connected10% were using the so-called “cloud”—or hosted applications and services delivered over the InternetWhile there were vigorous conversations going on in forums and message boards, there were no social networksConnections were slow and stationery and focused around your own computer

Fast forward to 2013:

85% of adults use the Internet.66% have broadband at homeTwo-thirds of those online use the “cloud”Connections are faster, mobile and focused on outside servers and storageThe Internet is the third most popular source for news, trailing behind local and national television, but ahead of newspapers and radio broadcastsAlmost two-thirds (61 percent) of people get news online and 68% have watched a video news story online. (Pew Research Center‘s Project for Excellence in Journalism)


Jeff Domansky's curator insight, June 29, 2013 2:51 PM

Visuals create impact and PR needs to produce and manage visuals to enhance communication and results.

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How to Create Compelling Marketing Videos That Convert

How to Create Compelling Marketing Videos That Convert | Video Marketing |

Today, many brands make video content part of their overall marketing plan. This is not surprising, because videos let one pass on not only verbal and visual information, but also employ extra-linguistic means of communication such as tone of voice, facial expression and gestures, which help make greater impact on the audience.


That’s why many brands these days create “About us” videos, product demos, video tutorial, etc. If you are doing this as well or are planning to start with video production, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your videos more “digestible” and effective.


Read More:


Via Igniva Solutions
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Keep it short

Brevity is indeed the soul of wit, most researchers seem to agree that videos up to 2 minutes long usually perform best.

Don’t overload

So, if what you are saying in your video is fairly complex, by no means should it be accompanied by any hard-to-read text or a complex diagram.

Say one thing at a time

Take a minute to think what the primary message of your video is, and make sure you’re not deviating from it in the course of your video.  Just as you wouldn’t tell a person two pieces of information at once (unless you’re trying to confuse them), stick to the principle of one difficulty – that is, your video should tackle only one subject matter at a time.


Well, the subject matter may be complex, in which case its compound parts must be clearly defined, and you’d probably be better off repeating them several times (e.g., at the beginning and throughout the video).

Don’t make allegations

As an old marketing wisdom goes, “if you have to say it, then it is probably not true”. Hence, make sure your video is free of self-praising blabber

Include a call to action

You should make it clear what you’d like your audience to do after they watch your video. Whatever it is that viewers are supposed to do upon watching your video – it should be stated, and it should be stated clearly.

Find your appeal

Apart from informing the viewers about something, your video should also appeal to their subconscious. If it doesn’t do that at all, people may have a hunch, this gut feeling that something is amiss with your company. In other worlds, your video should connect with the viewers on the subconscious level.

Optimize for YouTube

Sometimes a company can’t decide whether it wants to host their marketing videos on their own site or upload them to YouTube. I’d say go with YouTube, since there are so many advantages of having your videos there (well, unless you’re a movie maker or something).

The bottom line

All in all, when creating marketing videos, try to put yourself into the viewer’s shoes. Ask yourself: would you have the patience to watch this video to the end? Would you easily understand what it is about? Would you feel moved to take certain action upon watching it?

Hung Le's curator insight, January 28, 2014 12:27 PM

Why video marketing is a MUST in your business for 2014 and beyond.