Xstream claims one-app-fits-all solution for Connected TV and game consoles | Video Breakthroughs | Scoop.it

Xstream has launched a White Label solution for Connected TV apps, claiming it is a one-app-fits-all solution covering both Smart TVs and game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) that will therefore reduce time to market for companies needing a connected app. It is said to be one of the first White Label solutions for Smart TV apps anywhere and will cover the majority of the Smart TV market.


Xstream has developed a user-friendly interface that can be customized to fit any company’s branding and design guidelines or special needs, and this sits on top of an app engine that Xstream maintains. The company has already performed the user experience optimisation, DRM and API integrations needed, including “all the boring and time consuming stuff you need,” in the company’s own words. The app can be connected to Xstream’s online video platform, MediaMaker without further effort, or can be connected to other online video platforms via APIs.