Using business process management to succeed in a world of TV everywhere : Popular IT methods and SOA can benefit broadcasters | Video Breakthroughs |

What has business process management got to do with broadcasting? Surely, it is more relevant to a manufacturing operation; broadcasting is a creative business, isn’t it? Sure, production is creative, but to an outsider, broadcasting operations are much like manufacturing. Raw materials — the program tape or file — arrive from the production company, and at the other end, the broadcaster delivers programs to the viewer.


Through all the many processes, the program has been formatted for the viewer’s television, tablet or smartphone, and any necessary subtitles, captions or dubbed audio have been added to the program. The channel schedule has been delivered to the third-party listings guides with information about each program, and the promotions department may also have created trailers for the program.


Is this not a manufacturing operation, a media factory?


Over the last decade, many verticals outside the media-and-entertainment sector have moved to a software architecture where the processes are managed as a whole, rather than using islands of software to process the product. This holistic management of business processes potentially offers a more efficient way to command, control and optimize media operations.