The Veterans Affairs medical center in Daytona Beach,FL the doctor gave me medication I think was their initial attempt to kill me cause it caused my heart to murmur/ rapid heartbeat so I never went back there for medical care and stopped taking the medication. Its all adding up cause later the Veterans Affairs at that same medical center they falsely accused me of being suicidal which was a lie and especially when I told them very clearly that I'm not suicidal and that I never will be.So I wonder how or why would the VA report this blatant lie? It's proof of a motive and an act was committed by the Veterans Affairs to get me out of the picture just so that they can avoid paying me since I was born with Spina Bifida which they owe me for what they did to me. Think about it they are taking over 4 years to process my appeal, that 502 days is a full blown lie in my case it's unacceptable to still be waiting on a second appeal process that they already denied without proof that its not possible that I wasn't a result of agent orange exposure, which I already proved in my statements I submitted to the VA, but they still denied my claim. Now that has to be a crime right? The VA representatives have been hanging up the phone on me numerous times. Veterans Affairs Department violates their own mission statement and deny my obvious claims that was caused by their negligence and incompetence based on who they want to pay or should I say who is able to work, but those of us who is total or permanently disabled they don't want to pay us. Why is this so? Is it race related issue? Social Class in society? Is it jealousy of my intelligence (144 IQ) ? I'm sure I'm very close with my assumptions. I look forward to going face to face against the Veterans Affairs in court.