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This Vert Shock program review will help you get more information about Adam Folker’s training course to enhance vertical jump.



Vert Shock is a vertical training course released by Adam Folker. As a professional basketball player, he released this course with the hope that many people will enable their abilities to increase their vertical jump and play vertical height required sports like a pro. Now, keep reading the entire Vert Shock Program review to get more details about this comprehensive course.

According to the author, he learnt to increase his vertical jump from 27 inches to 32 inches when he was a high school student. Then, he continued to increase his vertical height and learnt to become a professional basketball player. Now, he is a coach teaching basketballs, and trains his students to master the art of dunking, vertical jumping skills and other sports skills such as time management, attendance in playing sports, psychological skills in competitions and so on.


 There were many people getting successful with Vert Shock program. This is a good chance for you to try out this online vertical training course once. Continue searching for basic contents of the standard Vert Shock package below.

The course is divided into 7 main parts that you will learn within several months. In the first part, Quick start training, you will learn how to perform vertical jump faster. Next, the course reveals the Pre-shock phase training plan. In this important part, you will learn to get ready to “fly”. After complete this 7-day workout plan, you can add about 3-5 inches to your vertical jump. Continuing the 2nd part, this is Shock phase, which focuses on training players’ nervous system to increase their vertical height dramatically. This training section lasts within 6 weeks. In the last phase – Post-shock workout plan, you will learn about permanent muscle integration. You will complete this phase in a week to build muscle while maximizing your vertical jump. In the part 4 of the Vert Shock program, it reveals exercise video tutorials with step-by-step instructions so that you can practice all these vertical height enhance workouts with ease. In the part 5 – Vert tracker, the author will instruct you to learn jumping techniques. As a result, you can track added vertical height accurately. In addition, in the part 6, you can sign up the Vert Shock forum, get the full support from the author and join an exclusive vertical height community there.


In short, this comprehensive system will guide you to follow 3 core phases of the Vert Shock program within 8 weeks. After the training course, you can see your added vertical jump clear about 9-15 inches, even higher score.


About the typical benefits of the Vert Shock system, it will help you to get the following benefits. For instance, you will increase your jumping speed, be more dominant to beat your opponents, get notice by scouts, have more fans, grab more rebounds, be more confident, take advantages of psychological techniques in competition and a lot more.


The author claims that the Vert Shock training course can work for sport players at different ages and in different sports fields such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, or badminton. The author also reveals his own experience in playing basketball and in training vertical leap. For instance, he will guide learners to improve their mindset for their professional performance. Next, he provides the learners with detailed diet plan. With the diet modules, you will enhance your strength, muscle and stay healthy to perform vertical techniques beautifully.


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