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By developing vertical jump, you can improve some sport skills in volleyball or badminton or soccer. If you are planning to play sports more professionally, take part in a jump height class or program. In this writing, I would like to recommend you and sport players Vert Shock program. This is an online vertical jump training program given by Adam Folker. He is a basketball player, a coach who has taught vertical jump for over 8 years. According to the author Adam Folker, he helped thousands of players around the world improve their higher vertical jump and had great sport achievements. Plus, this course also helps them build their self-confidence – an important factor in sport success, time management skills, reduced stress, anxiety, social interaction, better attendance, increased concentration and more productive study. Once you start learning this online course, you will enable yourself to increase about at least 4 to 6 inches of your vertical height and you can dunk it with both of your hands.
About the main content of the complete vertical training program, it is splited into 7 parts, including (1) quick start guide, (2) pre-shock phase plan, (3) shock phase plan, (4) post-shock phase plan, (5) workout video program, (6) vert tracker and (7) vert shock forum. Basically, the author, as a professional vertical jump coach will teach you to learn 3 main phases through 8 weeks. Then, you can add to your vertical height about 9-15 inches, even more if you try your best.
You will learn the first phase in the first week and it can enable you to increase about 3 to 5 inches of your vertical jump. Next to the second phase, you will practice it within a full 6 weeks. This phase helps you focus on training the nervous system for leaping higher than normal and beyond your expectation. In the post-shock phase, the author will help you focus on training your permanent muscle integration in the last week of the whole course. Then, you will be able to build your muscle and maximize your jump height at the same time.

About benefits of this comprehensive system, in general it will boost your energy, passion and train you to become a professional sport player with impressive jump height.

Besides 3 main phases in the training course, you will be guided to learn other tips and techniques for increasing lateral speed, slashing reaction time faster, becoming dominant in all competitions, being noticed by fans, having more fans, teammates, grabbing more rebounds, having more powerful advantages than other opponents, getting greater contracts and sponsorship deals and so on.

The jump height training course can work for different sport learners and players of different levels and ages. For instance, it you help newbie improve their mindset and have deep knowledge of vertical jump, strategies to develop vertical jump, how to have patience while, how to be friendly in your team, how to improve productivity, how to challenge your opponents, how to design your own diet or meal plan to improve vertical jump, and a lot more.


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