Jacksonville, FL 30th July, 2014 - one of the highly rated verbatim transcription service providers in the market verbatimtranscriptionservices.com has termed its 99% accuracy level in professional verbatim transcription one of its major accomplishments. The company has said that the impact of the high level of accuracy in attracting new clients and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction has been remarkable and as such, the transcription expert has assured its customers it will spare no efforts in maintaining this success.

According to analysts in the market verbatimtranscriptionservices.com is actually one of the very few verbatim transcription services provider with an accuracy level of above 90%. However, the firm has noted that achieving this success has not been easy and it has taken years of dedication and commitment towards the delivery of quality transcription services. Secondly, the firm has also observed that it has spent significant resources in training its team of transcribers as well as procuring state of the art equipment. The combination of all this factors has been behind the 99% accuracy level which to be fair is the highest in the sector.

The company is confident that customers will continue to get value for their money even in the future as they continue to explore its verbatim transcript service. Verbatimtranscriptionservices.com also notes that the standard it has set in the sector will not only be difficult to achieve but will also challenge other transcription companies to invest towards improvement of accuracy and general quality in their services. Whether that will be achieved or not remains to be seen but so far, it is clear that the firm has left nothing to chance in offering the best to its customers.

The importance of accuracy in verbatim transcription is one of the major factors that will always define the overall quality of the service. Although a lot of online based transcription experts have explored all the available opportunities to increase the level of accuracy, very few have actually managed to exceed the 90% mark let alone reach the 99% level achieved by verbatimtranscriptionservices.com.

Experts say that the work the firm has put towards this is huge and it is not surprising to see it taking full pride with the accomplishment. Considering that the provider offers its services for just one dollar per minute, there is no doubt if there was a time when getting the best for significantly less was so easy then that time is now. For the best verbatim transcription please get in touch with verbatimtranscriptionservices.com through support@verbatimtranscriptionservices.com today.

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Verbatimtranscriptionservices.com is a leading verbatim transcription services provider that has been known to offer accurate and high quality transcription services for very affordable rates. The company has been in business for the best part of a decade and is one of the respected leaders in the entire industry. For more on its team and its services please visit www.verbatimtranscriptionservices.com.

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