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U.S. drivers could see break at the Pumps

U.S. drivers could see break at the Pumps | vehicles |

Drivers in the United States will get the slightest of breaks on gasoline prices this summer, according to the Energy Department.World demand for oil is growing, but supplies are growing faster than demand, thanks to higher production in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. That will keep a lid on the price of crude and gasoline.The price of Brent crude, a benchmark used to price oil used by many U.S. refineries and the most important factor in gasoline prices, is forecast to fall 4 per cent this year.


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Ian Pronto's insight:

I just hope it gets that low, that would be a real relief to the wallet. It would be even better if it got lower than the expected price.

Sean Spangard's comment, April 10, 2014 11:10 AM
I would love cheaper gas
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future motor cars: Hyundai Genesis Coupe features

future motor cars: Hyundai Genesis Coupe features | vehicles |
future motor cars provide Hyundai Genesis Coupe features, the Automobiles Genesis Coupe is Hyundai's sportiest two door vehicle available today.

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Ian Pronto's insight:

This is a good  well rounded sports car. i would consider getting this when i grow up. it looks good and its relatively cheap.

Srikandi 19's curator insight, March 25, 2014 3:40 PM

Hyundai Genesis Coupe features

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Massimo Tamburini, Motorcycle Designer – 1943- 2014 |

Massimo Tamburini, Motorcycle Designer – 1943- 2014 | | vehicles |

Italian icon dies of lung cancer at 71.

If you are a lover of Italian motorcycles then it’s really possible you can remember right where you were standing the first time you saw a 916 Ducati.  For me it was in Milan at the Milan Motorcycle show, right there in the front row when Claudio Castiglioni pulled the cover off it and the rowdy Italian crowd went from noisy to hushed whispers of “Bella, bella, bella”. Thus was the effect this man had on machines and on motorcycle companies.

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Ian Pronto's insight:

The first time i saw this bike was in the movie "The Italian Job" and i  loved it instantly. when i was i kid i had a model of this bike in my room. This designer was really just a visionary. R.I.P.

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33-inch tires find its way into Wheels Guide favorite car accessory list.

33-inch tires find its way into Wheels Guide favorite car accessory list. | vehicles |

06 December, 2013: The common perception about 33 inch tires is that they are meant only for off road uses. While it is true that these tires are indispensable when it comes to off road rides, car owners will be amazed at how addictive these tires can get. It is no wonder workers at the auto body shop are obsessed with these jeep tires.

The advantage of using these macho tires in the car is that it protects the vehicle from damage even when driving between water dunes. It certainly saves a pocket full of cash that would have otherwise been spent on engine repairs over the years. Normally, cars that use the 33 inch tires and rims will require less repairing over the years as compared to cars that use smaller vehicles.

While all 33 inch mud tires are sturdier than the smaller tires, the brand and quality is also important. People pay for such tires expecting great performance. It would be such a disappointment to find out that the tire lasts only a year or so longer than the normal tires. Good quality mud tires will last much longer than the smaller tires. It is a common misconception that these mud tires make a car look less sophisticated and is definitely designed only for utility and performance. While utility is the main aim of these tires, top brands are starting to incorporate design and sophistication into these tires.

Today, a top brand 33 inch tire will give a complete makeover to an ordinary car. It makes the car look much more macho and gives that SUV touch to even a small car. The tires cost more than the smaller ones but there are certain websites that offer great deals. As good things do not last long, these cheap deals are also not always available. It is good to be on the lookout for such deals before shelling out the bucks to the nearest dealer. For more information please go to


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Ian Pronto's insight:

I wish i could fit 33's on my jeep. 33's are able to give yu truck or suv the edge it needs to get over some tough obsticles.

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